Nathalie Stroup Seeks Council Position


Why am I running?

I decided to run for town council because I wanted to be more involved with our new town. I felt it was important to run so that the community would have a choice and not just have three people on the ballot.

What changes am I seeking to implement?

I personally am not running for council to make changes. I just want the council to listen to its community's voice and really let them choose what needs to change or be improved upon.

What are the three most important issues to me?

First and always first would be Star Valley water.

Second -- Development, yes we can grow, but we as a town must do this with caution so that we do not end up with more homes and businesses, and not enough natural resources to sustain them.

Third -- Get the community involved. There are never more than 20-25 people at any given town council meeting. I want neighbors to know each other and for them to be a voice that the town council hears.

How will I attempt to address or solve those issues?

Well, first of all those are my issues, not everyone's issues are the same. I want to talk to the folks in our community and see what their issues are, because a town council really needs to be for the town.

What can voters expect from me?

I went out and got most of my signatures myself. I have met a wonderful group of people. They can expect that I will listen, be honest, and do the best I can for them and the town.

What are my qualifications for holding a council seat?

I would hope that everyone understands that anyone who cares what happens to their town is qualified. This is my first experience with running for a seat on a town council.

I want to be involved; I want the council to know what I think and what the community thinks. I have, however, worked in the medical community for the last 19 years or so, in several different capacities. For instance, office manager for six years, case worker, back and front office.

I think my experiences in the medical field and my skills for listening, understanding, compassion and working in a team environment will be an asset for the Star Valley town council.

What experiences do I have, preparing me to hold office?

Being in the medical field, I have attended to happy people, disgruntled people, people who cannot even communicate, and with others as a team. I have, over the years, developed skills to communicate. When I listen, I understand. When I speak, I am understood. When everyone is on the same page it tends to make a very likeable group.

How will I work with my fellow councilors, if elected?

The same way I would hope that they would work with me. With respect, dignity, honesty, accountability, and show consideration and courtesy to everyone.

In what activities or committees are you currently involved?

Currently I am involved in the Board of Adjustments Committee, as well as the General Plan Committee. Again, I joined these committees so I could let my voice be heard.

What do I enjoy doing in my free time?

I come from a very large family and we love spending time with each other. So in my spare time I hang out with my husband, kids and sisters. However, we do love to go four-wheeling in our Jeeps, pack a lunch and hit the trails with friends and be in the great outdoors all day.

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