Competitive Bass Fishing Gains Ground



Bass fishing is fast becoming a very competitive sport at all levels within the United States. With television coverage on ESPN and FOX Sports, plus major corporate advertising, bass fishing in a tournament format is growing by leaps and bounds.

The highest level on the national scene has two circuits, which have qualification tournaments that allows a fisherman to move up the ladder and realize their dreams of fishing Bassmaster or the FLW.

Locally in Arizona, there are numerous tournament series that will attract a wide range of fishing enthusiasts and allow ample opportunities for the weekend warrior to fish competitively.

When Friday afternoon comes to a close for the workweek, the bass boats are hooked up and the journey to the next lake begins for pre-fishing or tournament action.

If you follow bass fishing, you have heard of All-Star, ABF, Monterrey and the Federation, which all sponsor competitive bass fishing on Arizona's lakes.

The Payson area has an avid, growing group of successful bass fishermen who are always at the top of the leader board of the various circuits. Being only 38 miles from one of the best bass lakes in the West provides a proving ground for these anglers to improve fishing skills.

If you are interested in entering a competitive bass fishing tournament and would like to be on the ground level of a new circuit, you might consider U.S. Angler's Choice.

The central Arizona division has just completed their initial season schedule and Roosevelt Lake and will host five of the seven tournaments.

The top 10 teams qualify for the championships in the fall on Lake Havasu, where two Legend Bass boats will be given away as well as other prizes.

For more information, contact Bruce or Josh Johnson at (928) 951-0115 or stop by the Outdoor Rendezvous at The Tackle Box, where they will have a table set up with all the pertinent information for the new bass fishing series called U.S. Angler's Choice.

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