Disappointed That Athletes Didn't Get Recognition



I am writing in regards to an article written by Max Foster on the Tim Van Horn Wrestling Tournament in the Payson Roundup, dated Jan. 23, 2007.

In the article, Mr. Foster mentioned names of only two of the four young men from Payson High School who made it to the final championship rounds of this tournament.

He failed to mention Bryan Burke (215 weight class) who placed second in his weight class, and Oscar Chavez (heavyweight), who also placed second in his weight class.

I attended this tournament and was very proud that four young men from Payson placed in the upper third of their weight classes. I would think that in such a prestigious wrestling tournament as this, credit and recognition should be given to all those who made it to the final round, and placed.

The absence of the names "Burke" and "Chavez" was very apparent to me. I hope that this was an "oversight" and not intentional.

Let's give credit and recognition when it is earned by these fine young athletes.

Eleanor Craft, Carefree

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