Greywater A Great Environmental And Economic Solution



I don't believe I've seen any mention in your newspaper about Arizona's new tax credit for privately owned greywater irrigation systems that just went into effect.

As of Jan. 1, 2007, there is a $200 tax credit available for plumbing a home to reuse its shower, tub, bathroom sinks and laundry water, commonly called greywater, for irrigation, and up to $1,000 for installing an irrigation system that reuses this water.

Greywater is about half of all the water used inside your home, and it costs plenty. Reusing it through certain types of highly efficient drip irrigation then multiplies its value from 30 to 60 percent, depending on how hot and windy it is where you're living.

If you're on a septic system, reusing that water also prolongs the life of your leach fields. If you're on city sewer, it reduces your city's sewer treatment costs.

Reusing water also decreases new demand for electricity to pump water, which in turn decreases air pollution.

Altogether, reusing greywater for irrigation is a great idea.

That Arizona's Legislature recognizes this fact is newsworthy, as they are now way ahead of California in creating solutions to a huge and growing problem.

You can get more information about this tax credit by calling the Arizona Office of Economic Research and Analysis at (602) 716-6927 or by calling ReWater at (619) 421-9121.

Stephen Wm. Bilson, Chairman and CEO, ReWater Systems, Inc.

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