Sorry To Hear About Family That Experienced Racism



It's a sad day that in 2007 some people in our country are still so narrow minded that they teach their children that people of a different race are somehow inferior than they are and need to be hated.

I moved to Payson a few years ago, hoping to find a nice small town that has a diverse population. Of course, I should have done more checking on that before I moved here.

To the person who moved his family here and discovered that this town has racists in it, I say, not everyone in Payson is a racist. I am personally white and have had many close black friends.

I'm sorry to say that it shouldn't be the school's responsibility to teach our kids that racism is wrong. That should be the parent's responsibility. But when the parents teach hatred toward others, the schools really can't do too much.

J. Smith, Payson

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