Star Valley Creates Town Services Directory


Residents of Star Valley may have an easier time trying to contact a cable television provider or getting a business license, thanks to a directory of services that town manager Vito Tedeschi said was "very painstakingly gathered."

The town manager, along with town clerk Sarah Luckie and executive assistant Stephanie Jones, compiled a list of services available to town residents.

The lists are available at town hall in the Star Valley Baptist Church and may be mailed to residents in the upcoming weeks.

"People were calling town hall for everything," Tedeschi said.

The directory includes more than 30 phone numbers and contact information for various services ranging from animal control agencies to voter registration information.

"People love (the directory of services)," Tedeschi said.

Tedeschi said that the directory was gathered by scouring phone books, observing delivery trucks coming to town and noticing town signs.

"We tried to highlight the basic needs people had," he said.

The directory of services is one more step that Star Valley officials have taken to update the town and make it a more convenient place to live.

Last month, Luckie led a business licensing campaign to get all the businesses in the town properly licensed.

And the upcoming development of the Freegard property will most likely yield a post office as well as professional offices, retail spaces and restaurants.

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