Star Valley Council To Vote On Aid For Elderly


Star Valley senior citizens will have some helpful programs on the way if the town council approves them.

The Star Valley council meets tonight, Tuesday, and will decide the fate of two programs that will benefit the elderly citizens of the town.

The council will decide how to spend a $160,000 grant from the state's Community Development Block Grant program. The CDBG grant is a yearly grant from the state that must be used on projects that benefit the community.

Part of the grant money, an estimated $30,000, will be used for a Meals on Wheels program in conjunction with the Payson Senior Center if the projects are approved by the council, said Star Valley town manager Vito Tedeschi. Qualifying seniors participating in the Meals on Wheels program would have hot meals delivered to their homes five days a week.

The council will also vote on a proposed service that will provide rides for senior citizens from Star Valley. The chauffeuring service entails a ride from the homes of seniors in Star Valley to wherever they need to go in the Payson or Star Valley area. Anyone wanting to participate in the ride service would need to obtain a $10 ridership card from town hall, which would be good for one year.

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