Thank You For Taking Stand Against Illegal Immigrants



Hooray for all the Payson citizens who are finally standing up and saying "No illegals in Payson."

Hooray for our mayor and council for finally acknowledging we have a big problem with it.

I guess you need to have been raised in Southern California to see your hometown turned into a ghetto, where people are shot, robbed and citizens are afraid to visit. Phoenix, Mesa and Chandler are going in that direction.

Crime is on the increase, as it soon will be in Payson.

Young people don't take the jobs they are accused of being too lazy to take because those jobs have been degraded by illegals who can't even speak English and are paid peanuts, often under the table.

Teens used to be proud to have those jobs. Now it is a put-down to them. Ask them.

This is the fault of the employer and our own fault as citizens for letting it happen.

Stand up for your rights. Voice your opinion. Save your town, your state, your country. It is going to Mexico.

Sue Dolan, Payson

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