Those Who Point Finger May Not Know Entire Story



I am writing in response to William Clayton's letter on Jan. 23.

I take offense to your claims that Payson Habitat for Humanity homeowners don't contribute to Payson's economy and are a problem our council needs to deal with.

There is a screening process all homeowners must go through to even be considered.

A few requirements are that you must have a background check, you must have a credit check and you must be currently employed for at least a year in Payson. My husband has been an employed roofer in Payson for over 10 years.

Being employed in Payson ... that contributes to Payson's economy.

I have a 15-year mortgage. I pay property taxes every year ... that contributes to Payson's economy. I am raising my four beautiful children here, I shop locally for food, clothing and everything that makes a household run ... that contributes to Payson's economy. My children are involved in town sports and activities that I pay the fees for ... that contributes to Payson's economy. My husband has opened his own roofing company. He takes great pride in his work, repairing existing roofs and installing new roofs for homeowners, wealthy and poor ... that contributes to Payson's economy ... I agree some people don't want to help themselves, they don't care if they are a burden on our economy, but some people may just be down on their luck, or struggling to get by, or maybe their son is chronically ill and has specific special needs for housing and the just "need a hand up, not a hand out."

So, before you jump in with blame for what's wrong in our town, please do a little research first.

Thea Jacquez, Payson

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