4-H Competitors Learn A Lot At Horse Show


Show horses can have fake tails.

That fact is one of many that members of Horse-A-Go-Go, a Rim Country 4-H Club, learned when they attended the Arizona Sun Circuit Quarter Horse Show.

"(Owners) put in fake tails to make them poofier and shiny," said club member, Jessica Stone. "They can braid it in or glue it, but they mostly braid it because it looks more natural."

There is more than one way to body clip a horse.

"Some patterns can make your horse look like chocolate or caramel candy -- yum," Micaela Croy said.

"This was a great educational opportunity for kids," said Lani Hall, 4-H coordinator.

The biggest quarter horse show in the nation gave the girls, ages 9 to 17, the opportunity to focus on what they might be able to achieve with their own horses.

The girls learned that there are many different ways to ride in the classes.

"In 4-H, we do showmanship and trail totally different than they did it at the quarter horse show," Croy said.

"The girls must practice and practice patience when they enter a 4-H horse show," club leader Tammy Umbenhauer said. "They are not given patterns ahead of time, so lots of mental concentration goes into the 30 minutes before they ride in the arena."

Stone said, that her own horse, Ladybug, will always be her favorite, but Mickey and his sire, Good Machine, were impressive.

Horse-A-Go-Go is one of several horse and livestock 4-H Clubs in the Rim Country. To join a 4-H Club or volunteer, contact Lani Hall at (928) 468-8899 or e-mail llhall@cals.arizona.edu.

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