5-Year Airport Improvement Plan Approved



A five-year plan of action for the Payson Airport has been developed to improve safety and design airport facilities to comply with federal safety standards.

More than 100 hours of collaborative effort between an ACIP Committee (consisting of members from the Airport Task Force, Airport Advisory Committee and local pilots), an Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) representative and the Payson Airport Manager were required to finalize the proposed improvement program. The Airport Advisory Committee approved the five-year update (to include several minor recommendations) with a unanimous 6-0 vote at its Dec. 5, 2006 meeting.


Ted Anderson

During the planning process, stakeholders evaluated funding mechanisms and revenue sources for the proposed projects that will enable the airport to achieve a self-sustaining status.

The first two years of the proposed program are the most critical timeframe for securing available federal and state grant funds. The federal fiscal year 2008, which begins on Oct. 1, 2007, includes four projects that will address safety concerns and compliance with airport design standards. Total project funding for FY2008 is $1,416,450, with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) providing 95 percent of the required funding ($1,416,450) and ADOT and the Town of Payson each providing a 2.5 percent ($37,275) match. The total expenditures for the five-year update are $14,081,000 with the respective FAA, ADOT and Town of Payson matches of $13,376,950, $352,025 and $352,025.

The ACIP Committee and Town staff also developed a budget for two high priority safety projects that were not included in the five-year plan. Funding for both projects, which include a runway access plan and an airport driver's training program, is estimated at $40,000 and will be requested during the upcoming budget process for completion prior to the FY2008 grant projects.

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