Author Has Little Knowledge Of Our Government



The problem with Mr. Brophy's ranting about the United States and all of its hurting is that his America and our America are on the opposite ends of the universe. He wants an America that has no national borders. He wants an America to accept an insult, aggressiveness or a slap in the face. He says that America is feared, as if it is a black stain. Yet, fear and strength is what we won in the Cold War. Would he rather have those intolerant nations that harbor and arm those terrorists who want to kill our democracy fear us, or should we cower and have fear of them?

Obviously, he has little knowledge of our form of government. If a Republican administration is voted in, those opposed accept and live with it. That also goes if a Democratic administration is voted in. Then, also, the remainder should live with that. He has every right to voice intelligent dissatisfaction but don't try to do so with innuendos, propaganda and unfounded facts.

For example, he said, we torture.

Many of us have served our country. We have done this with pride, but it doesn't give us an extra nickel.

We all want peace but at what cost? Do we forget history? We would rather fight and die to protect our Constitution, our heritage and our way of life. America should never bow down to any tyrannical body.

He reminds us of another character in history -- Mr. Chamberlain. His famous words, "Peace in our time," were at a cost of millions and millions of humanity murdered.

Jerry Bessler, Chuck Thompson, Payson

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