Gallery Turns Acquaintances Into Friends


February's featured artists at Artists of the Rim Gallery share a love of the landscapes of the Southwest.

Delores Hartless of Star Valley and Jack Greenshield of Payson are fellow artists in a blossoming community who paint with oils.


Oil painters Delores Hartless and Jack Greenshield display "Mountain Retreat" and "The Rainbow Bridge Entrance." The paintings, along with Kachina dolls and Southwest landscapes, will fill the west wall of Artists of the Rim Gallery.

They met a few years ago when their booths were placed close together at a Payson Art League Show.

But, it is a small world. They might have met at a hospital in Kearney 15 years ago where Greenshield was consulting for two weeks and Hartless was working in medical records.

"If we met, we don't recall it," Greenshield said.

"To tell the truth," Hartless said, "most of the people I have met through PAL shows have been just acquaintances until the gallery. Now, some are friends."

Hartless lived in a small copper mining town in central Arizona, a rural community much smaller than Payson, so she had not shown her creative work in many shows.

Artists of the Rim is the first gallery where Hartless' pictures have hung.

"The gallery is a special place and when they invited me, I felt honored that they thought my work was good enough," Hartless said.

She has the distinction of the gallery's first sale -- and the doors had not yet officially opened.

A man from England was in town visiting his sister and he bought Hartless' painting of a wild turkey.

He wrote me that he plans to visit the gallery on his next trip to visit his sister, Hartless said.

Of course, the continuing challenge for a co-op gallery is learning about other artists' work so you can talk about it when it is your turn to man the space.

"I like the artwork, so it is easy to say nice things about it," Hartless said.

"We are learning, but it is a slow process," Greenshield said. "When we don't know an answer, we call the artist who created the work."

Hartless and Greenshield will be on hand at the gallery's monthly reception from 4 until 7 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 10.

They look forward to meeting anyone interested in art.

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