If You Need Help, Help Yourself



Congratulations to Ms. Colbertson's daughter on her two degrees, which I am sure she worked hard for.

Doesn't the word "work" come to mind when a person has accomplished something to help society? Doesn't it give a person self-esteem, unlike the people who live off society.

Also, she must be commended on her volunteer work for Habitat for Humanity.

But, no, I have no compassion for the drug dealers, drug addicts, alcoholics, longtime welfare and homeless people. Their stories are the same, "poor, poor pitiful me." It's always some reason they are in this lifestyle other then their own making. Always.

The ones I have real compassion for are all their children. Because they never think of their children. It's just me, me and me.

And as for me, whenever I needed help, which was often, I dug cesspools by hand, cut wood and split it, peeled poles, worked in gas stations, shoveled sand out of washes onto flatbed trucks to make concrete, then made the concrete, felled timber in the snow and heat, set chokers in both, pulled a green and dry chain, chased stakes, dug ditches, worked on a drill-and-power crew, swept floors, washed windows also did dishes and other jobs.

So don't bring up, "I hope he never needs help," because whenever I did, I always found helping hands. They were on the end of my arms.

Also, I had and still have self-esteem.

Ms. Colbertson, a postscript to my reply to your letter as there was one sent before this one. As the saying goes, "God helps those who help themselves." There is truth in both.

William Clayton, Payson

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