Town Wants Public To Vote On Goals For 2007/08


The Payson Town Council looked at more than 30 proposed objectives Thursday morning for the 2007-2008 Corporate Strategic Plan.

The initiatives presented to the council by department heads were either changed or approved for future consideration. There was a set of 12 new potential goal statements that were proposed by the public and staff for possible inclusion into the new plan.

Town Manager Fred Carpenter said once the town sets its goals there will be a lot of public participation.

The goals will run in the newspaper at least once, as well as being on the town's Web site and the library.

The results of the voting will be revealed at its next CSP meeting, tentatively scheduled for March 8.

Mayor Bob Edwards said the goals of the CSP are not yet clear, and added that cannot be the case when the plan is completed.

He said he would prefer the CSP be called "A Town of Payson goal plan."

"One of the goals is to develop a better relationship with the public, and one way to do that is (using) plain English," he said. "We need to tell the public what is under way." Edwards said citizen involvement in this plan is extremely important. The three potential goals that Edwards proposed at the end of meeting dealt with ethics, finance and undocumented workers.

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