Before Condemning Disabled Veterans For Not Working, Get The Facts



If you would only stop and think, the whole world is a welfare town. The original idea of welfare is to attempt to help those who are willing to be helped, and are willing to help themselves.

This can be shelter, housing, food, financial, mental, physical, understanding and more.

We, here at Veterans Helping Veterans try to supply all of the above and more. We get no help from the federal government. We get very little help or support from state or county.

We do receive help in the forms of donations from citizens in the way of financial assistance, clothing, food and other types of donations, which help us survive.

Right now, on property, we have 24 people who are being helped and they are helping themselves. These are not alcoholics, drug addicts or nonworking people. Of these who are not working, are men who are disabled from 40 to 100 percent. These 24 people are veterans and those who are not, almost all are donating something. Those who cannot pay are at least helping in some way or another. Those veterans who were combat veterans and very disabled, donate and help us, including this writer. So where are those here that have no self-esteem? Where are those that you, the writer of "Payson, a welfare town" coming from? Where do you get your bad information? Since the Korean War, veterans have been damned by a lot of so-called Americans.

These veterans are the ones, (men and women) who shed their lives for freedom in this world. It was the people of our country who did nothing to stop the politicians from waging useless wars.

Then there are the veterans, who lived through these wars and came out partly to completely disabled. These men are spit upon and disgraced by the very people who should be honoring them. You also have those veterans who supported our soldiers. Supply, admin, medical, transportation and so much more. They should be honored, too, for without them we would not be as free of a country as we are, or other countries either.

Now, presently at Veterans Helping Veterans, we have three men who have been here for quite a while. One for about 10 years (disabled), two for almost eight years (100 percent disabled) and 3 for almost six years (disabled), and all have donated from day one and help where they can. This writer is one of the two mentioned above, and I have been a staff member since I arrived here. People should not write articles of damnation when they do not have all of the facts and information.

This organization also helps veterans who do not live here in many ways -- funerals, claims, jobs, legal. Our job here is enormous, especially the owners, Misti Isley Decaire and Kay Yeager.

Timothy J. McIntyre, Payson

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