Grandparent Support


Funds are now available to grandparents of any age who are responsible for raising their grandchild or grandchildren in their home.

The Grandparent Kinship Care Support Program will provide the following support to those grandparents who qualify:

  • $75 stipend per month per child for six (6) months for clothing, toiletries, food and school supplies.
  • A one-time transitional assistance of $300 per child to help cover the cost of additional beds and furniture and other necessary expenses related to transitioning the child into your home. Restrictions may apply.

Priority will be given to grandparents who are in greater social and economic need and/or those residing in a rural or geographically isolated area in Gila County.

For more information, call Becky M. Cariño at Pinal-Gila Council for Senior Citizens, (520) 836-2758 or 1-800-293-9393.

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