Letter Had Misinformation About Greywater



Steven Bilson, of Chula Vista, Calif., wrote Friday that greywater drip irrigation systems are a "great environmental and economic solution" to water problems in Payson and elsewhere.

That contention boldly and thoroughly displays Mr. Bilson's magnificent ignorance of the details of the current water supply problems and supply solutions existing in Payson, as well as some other Arizona communities. He apparently did not bother to inform himself of the details of the water-supply situation here in Payson.

I am very much surprised that the Roundup published this blatant commercial misinformation in the "Letters" column. It should have been published as a paid advertisement, which is all that it was.

Greywater drip domestic irrigation systems widely installed in Payson will tend to disrupt the water supply here. The Town needs to ban such systems at once. The return of greywater via the sewers to the wastewater treatment plant is the duty of every water user in Payson.

At present in Payson, about one-third of the water used in average households returns to those households as renovated potable water. This occurs owing to the water renovation processes in place at Payson's Green Valley wastewater treatment facilities and the Green Valley lakes.

Had the Town some years ago not acted inappropriately and not allowed better than two-thirds of the effluent from our wastewater treatment plant to be sold to public and private golf courses, that "one third" would today like be "three-quarters." If no further expansion of such sales occur, growth in Payson will cause the "one-third" proportion to gradually rise toward "one-half" and more.

Domestic irrigation in Payson is an idea whose time has come and gone for Payson. This gross misuse of our very limited water supply should not be tolerated, let alone encouraged.

Allen N. Wollscheidt, Payson

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