One Man's Efforts Have Helped Longhorns



If you have attended Payson basketball games lately you probably noticed a new sense of enthusiasm, coupled with huge crowds. Certainly, winning plays a big role. However, I thank one man for personally sacrificing his time and energy to put some extra fun and incentive into watching the games.

Tad Neal spent untold hours pounding pavement to get donations for door prizes. He initiated the idea of a halftime shootout, 50-50 drawing and smaller prizes for folks who cheer with spirit.

He worked with the FAN club to make it all happen in conjunction with what was already in place to support athletics. Finally, he arranged to allow people with purple and gold to enter the game at a "spirit rate."

Highest praise and thank you Tad (and Bonnie). You have shown us all the power inherent in one person with passion for a goal and the courage to pursue it. Your efforts have made a difference.

Go, Longhorns!

Roy Sandoval, Principal, Payson High School

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