Students Honored For Being Responsible, Respectful And Safe



Front row: Faith Lenzmeier, Zoe Wright, Mckenzie Creighton, Megan Park and Briseida Perez. Row two: Niyal Curi, Lyndsay Popke, Emily James, Ellie LeBlanc, Destiny Berry and Jewel Hohnson. Back row: Mrs. Stacey Summers, Mr. John Varner, Kayla Schrank and Mrs. Janice Hoyt.

Principal Robert Varner recently honored the student council of Julia Randall Elementary School with a special award.

The council's fund-raising efforts mean their fellow 496 students at JRE who are consistently "responsible, respectful and safe," once a quarter get an extra treat for their good behavior. And not much could be more fun for an elementary child than to get an extra 30 minutes of recess and a sweet treat to munch.

First quarter's root beer floats were followed by second quarter's candy canes and neither would have been possible if the student council had not written a letter to Wal-Mart asking for a donation.

The $400 check Wal-Mart gave the council will fund treats for JRE children for the next two quarters.

The incentive is not limited to students with As and Bs. A "C" student, who is working as hard as he or she can, completes homework and is well-behaved is eligible for the rewards.

"This is my way to recognize students who work hard, yet struggle," Varner said.

Those hard-working students might be enjoying Popsicles sometime in March, while the end-of-year treat is still a mystery.

"The children really like and respond well to this school wide incentive for good behavior," Varner said.

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