Aspiring Pilot Needs Assistance


Evan Morton, a junior at Center for Success is a young man who dreams of flight.

Flying and building radio-controlled airplanes when he was a young teen whetted his appetite for a career as a commercial pilot.


Evan Morton wants to be a pilot and would like to get a jump on the college work he will need for the career. He has an opportunity to attend a program this summer to give him just such a jump, but it costs almost $2,500, so he is seeking assistance with the funds.

"It is going to take me four years of school to earn my commercial pilot's license," Morton said.

He plans to get his core classes out of the way at Gila Community College then attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott.

"My goal in life is to learn everything I can about flight," he said.

This summer, Morton has the opportunity to attend the Aviation and Aeronautics program through the Lead America college-accredited youth leadership conferences.

"I am looking forward to planning my first actual flight plan and then flying it," he said.

The program will put him one step closer to his dream and he has been speaking at local clubs in a proactive effort to raise the $2,498 it costs.

In addition to FAA-approved flight training, the aeronautics program includes speakers from the National Severe Storms Laboratory and visits to Air Logistics Center of Spirit Wing Aviation and the University of Oklahoma's Aeronautical Engineering Department.

Morton will study cases of significant development in aviation.

He will attend lectures by military and civilian leaders.

"I greatly appreciate any financial support I receive for this life-challenging experience," Morton said.

Anyone who wishes to help Morton with his goal may contact him at (928) 474-9841.

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