Council Applauded



Though we do not live in your lovely community, we have a special fondness for it and I check out your Web site nearly every day, to see what the latest news is. I applaud your city council, which is bucking the tide and still opens their council meetings with prayer. I don't know why more is not said about "freedom of religion" (not freedom "from" religion) and the right for citizens of this country to worship freely. We seem to get browbeaten by the ACLU and others, falling for their "separation of church and state" argument. Few seem to know there is no such statement in our Constitution, but freedom of religion is guaranteed.

We have tried to push God out of our government, our schools, our courts, etc., then we wonder why calamity is upon us. We've told Him to get out of our lives and that's just what He's done, but there still is a faithful remnant that acknowledges Him and worships Him. I fear, if that remnant ever disappears, this nation won't last long!

Keep up the good work!

David and Joan Kinderfather, Rio Verde, AZ

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