Weather A Mixed Bag -- Wait And It Will Change



Tonto Village was literally snowy white on Wednesday morning. The snow started out as sleet Tuesday afternoon and continues as I write this column. According to Tonto Village I resident Rick Prach, the accumulation of the white stuff is about four inches. My husband tells me that it is not enough to bring out his newest toy, his snow blower. Instead, he is out there with his trusty snow shovel clearing a path in the driveway.


The snowfall earlier this week, along with lightning and thunder are spring's typical mixed bag of weather for the Rim Country.

By the way, did you all hear the thunder and lightning on Tuesday afternoon? I was standing by my kitchen window and I saw a flash and wondered what it was, then in the next breath a big clap of thunder struck.

Tonto Village I residents John and Linda Digman are entertaining John's mother and father Jan and Gene Digman from Platteville, Wis. They will be with John and Linda for a few weeks. More of the family will show up this for a small family reunion to celebrate Jan's birthday, which was on Feb. 11. Welcome to Tonto Village, Jan and Gene. Here's hoping you enjoy your stay with us.

Tonto Village Chapel

The first Men's Breakfast was held this past week. Hopefully, Pastor Wilcox would like to make this event a regular happening. The next one will be on Tuesday, March 13. Mark the date and plan to enjoy a great breakfast and a bit of male bonding.

The congregation of the chapel wishes to thank Keith Talley for a most interesting discussion on science vs. Creation according to the Bible. He is very knowledgeable on both subjects since he was a science teacher in the Valley for many years and has also been a member of the Southern Baptist Church for most of his life.


Gail Mortenson of Tonto Village III will add another candle to her birthday cake on Feb. 22. Brenda Slapnicka of Tonto Creek Road celebrates her big day on Feb. 23. Brenda owns and operates the Rancho Tonto Catch a Trout on the Zane Grey Cabin Road in the summertime. Chris Manning also of Tonto Village III, has her big day on Feb. 24. May the joy you give to others come back to you on your day. A very happy birthday to all of you.


Word was received that the mother of Marge Tolby of Tonto Village III has died after a long illness.

Pool results

Cliff Landrum is on a winning streak. He beat out Darren Hopley and Tim Ehrhardt Sunday afternoon at the Double D. Darren and Tim managed to shoot for second and third places.

On Tuesday evening at the ‘D,' the gals took over the pool tables for a tournament of nine-ball. Margaret Stasney, Ethel Cain and Kara Shaw took first, second and third places. Congratulation to all the winners.

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