What's In A Name?



The naming of a pet is a reflection of who we are and how we perceive our companion animals.

At Payson Humane Society, we often take in pets that come with no information, so we have to give them a name to identify them while they stay at our shelter. We find that clever, cute, imaginative names tend to attract potential adopters to an animal.

If a pet comes to us with a name, we prefer to keep that name because the animal responds to it, and it is the only remnant of familiarity left with it. However, sometimes pets that are relinquished by their owners come with names that have such negative connotations, we feel compelled to change the pets' names to something more positive that sounds similar to the old name.

Think about it. Would you give your child a name like Killer, Spaz, Freak, Dufus, Satan or Chronic? These are some of the actual names we have changed to improve an animal's image.

There are lots of Web sites to browse when looking for a pet name, in case you're having trouble deciding. Some feel that a pet responds best to a one- or two-syllable name. Cats respond well to names with hissy sounds like ‘s,' ‘ch,' ‘z' or ‘sh' in them.

People name their furry friends from all manner of categories such as famous people, family names, favorite places, food and drink, appearance or character, and breed-specific names, i. e., German names for German breeds, Alaskan names for Alaskan breeds and so on.

Whatever you name your pet, just remember, others may judge your character by your pet's name; for after all, it is often said that pet owners resemble their pets.

Here are a few of the many adoptable animals available at our shelter, located at 812 S. McLane Road, just south of Main Street.


Tilly is a precious, 8-month-old, spayed female Shar Pei mix pup. She has a short, copper-colored coat, a cute, wrinkled face, a butterball body and a plump tummy.

She's not very big, so she's easy to handle, nice to cuddle up with, and a dream to walk on leash. She's very friendly and sociable -- a real tail-wagger.

She loves to play with a tennis ball, a squeaky toy or other playful puppersnappers.


Jethro is a chipper, 1-year-old, neutered male youngster whose breed we are totally guessing at. His face is wrinkled like a bullmastiff, but he is much too small for that breed.

He has a cute, compact body with a glossy brown coat tinged with black, and a nubbin for a tail.

He's a friendly, playful sprite and is going to make someone a very happy dog owner.


Sweetie is a pretty, 4-year-old, spayed female Lab/shepherd mix. She has a beautiful, copper-brown coat that is so soft to the touch.

Sweetie is a wiggle butt, so enthusiastic about life and ready to go for a walk at the drop of a hat. She's a good girl on leash and knows the commands "sit" and "lie down."

Sweetie may do best as the only dog or as a companion for a polite male dog.


Cotton is a fetching, 1-year-old, spayed female black and white kitty. She is so lovely with her long, soft coat and extra-long, wispy white whiskers.

She can hardly wait to be whisked off to a new home where she will have places to perch and look out the window or bask in the sun.

How she longs for her own purrsonal lap!


Callie is a luxurious, 8-year-young, spayed female tortoiseshell kitty. Her richly colored brown and gold coat glistens in harmony with her big, yellow eyes.

She is very affectionate and friendly and shows it by coming on the run when she sees you. She would love to find a home as the only cat with an older couple or single who would indulge her to the max.

She has just one special request, that being she needs to be fed only moist food, because she has lost all of her teeth due to poor dental care.

Yard sale donations

The humane society is once again preparing for a large rummage sale, to be held from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, May 12 at St. Philip's Church, 511 S. St. Phillips St.

We are now accepting donations of quality items for this sale. Due to a shortage of volunteers and space, we cannot accept clothing or books this year. Furniture or appliances will be accepted only if in good condition and as space allows.

All donations are tax-deductible. If you have something to donate for this sale, please call Penny at 474-4648 to arrange for pick-up. Please do not bring donations directly to the shelter.

Recycling programs

Payson Humane Society is very grateful to those currently donating aluminum cans, printer cartridges and digital cell phones to our recycling programs and encourages others to join us in these efforts. These programs are not only beneficial financially to Payson Humane Society, but are also highly beneficial to Planet Earth!

Dalmatian-painted bins for aluminum cans are located at Town Hall and the Payson Campground, as well as at the animal shelter. Only aluminum beverage cans are accepted for this program. They don't need to be washed or crushed, but should be empty and bagged with nothing else in the bag.

Drop boxes for printer cartridges and digital cell phones can be found at Wal-Mart and Bashas', or envelopes can be picked up at the humane society, the library, Fiesta Business Products, or Dove's Nest Computer Solutions. Please note that we cannot accept any Epson brand cartridges. For other cartridges and cell phones, please remove all packaging and accessories before depositing in drop boxes.

To find out if the cartridges you use are accepted in our program, or if you have any other questions about our recycling programs, please contact Penny at 474-4648.

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