Councilor To Discuss Water, Fire Protection In Washington


When Andy Romance goes to Washington, D.C. next month, he plans to discuss two top issues with federal government officials -- water and fire protection.

The Payson Town Council in a special meeting Thursday afternoon discussed ideas Romance could address.

Councilors attempted to the answer the questions, "Why Payson over other communities?" to give Romance a stronger case.

Mayor Bob Edwards informed Romance that his time with government officials will be limited, and therefore should focus on a few top issues rather than bombarding them with many items.

"Get in there, and let them know you really are there," Edwards said. "They need to know what we are asking for is pretty critical.

"It should not be wordy. What we are going to get is a five-minute glance," the mayor, a former Michigan legislator, added.

Town Manager Fred Carpenter said the town will work on some type of document that Romance can take to the nation's capital.

Romance will be in Washington, D.C. March 6.

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