Immigration Issue Not About Racism



Racism has nothing to do with someone breaking the law. Illegal aliens seem to like the label, since it's one of their few weak defenses. I am 55 years old and have been paying taxes since I was 15. I am so tired of hearing Mexicans say that they are doing the jobs that the white people don't want to do. That is pure nonsense.

Many years ago my brother-in-law and I were working in the lettuce fields and we were both run off because they didn't want the white man there. Last year, I was working in California and was experiencing the same pressure, so nothing has changed in all these years. If anything, it has gotten worse.

Last year, on the day of the illegal aliens' march in California, I was in my work truck and found myself surrounded by Mexicans with signs and yelling that they weren't criminals. The police force had to assign extra employment all over to try to keep the peace. All I could think of was that the majority of them were not legal American citizens and therefore shouldn't have the right to do what they were doing. Those are the rights earned by an American citizen.

It is not fair to the many who have worked so hard to become a legal citizen for the rest to feel that they should be exempt.

Our laws are what holds this country together but illegal immigrants want to change the laws to suit their needs. Once again, I am not a racist and this is not about racism.

If we start changing all the laws, in 20 years, children of illegal immigrants will wonder why their parents brought them here. They come over here for a better life, but are going to turn America into the same place they ran away from.

Richard Martin, Payson

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