Limits On Illegals A Good Idea



As a former resident of Payson, I just wanted to say hurray for Payson with the idea of limiting things for the illegals!

It's about time someone stood up to the plate to let the illegals know that they are not welcome unless they become citizens of the United States. After all, we are the ones that built the United States, not them.

They have come here and taken benefits from those who have the right to be here, they have brought their crimes, they play dumb to our language when they know perfectly well what we are saying. Why should we have to press "1" to hear English, and why should we have to have books both in English and Spanish or any other language?

If illegals want to be here and contribute to our society, then they are the ones who need to learn to speak, read and write our language. We would be expected to do the same in their country. I don't see them bending over backwards for us.

Why should we give up our benefits for illegals? After all, we worked hard for them? Do the math, America!

If someone doesn't stop the illegals from taking our jobs, our benefits, our housing by pulling the business licenses of those who hire them and house them, and stop Social Security, cashing their checks and giving them credit cards, then we all may as well be known as, as someone else put it, "Mexamerica," and throw in the towel and watch our United States continue on the downhill slide with everything that citizens have put their backs into be thrown right out the window.

Payson, I will be disappointed if you don't go through with your ideas -- radical or not. Lets show the illegals that they must obey our rules, just as we would have to, wherever they are from.

Ruth Christensen, Former Payson resident

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