Payson's Immigration Ordinance Will Just Reinforce Existing Laws



Here is a copy of an e-mail I sent to La Voz through Gannett Newspapers. You can certainly use it as a letter to the editor if you wish.

Dear Sir/Madam ... I'm writing to this e-mail address since I am not able to read Spanish very well and am tired of trying to wade through Spanish on products that I buy, just to get to the English portion which I can read.

I want to respond to the article in La Voz about the proposed Payson town law that would penalize a company for hiring illegal immigrants. I understand that some people (mostly Hispanics??) are upset with this proposed law. It appears to me that the new Payson town ordinance is just enforcing existing laws, so I can't understand why people are upset. When the American flag is hung upside down and under the flag of Mexico ... now, that's something to get upset about.

John Depert, Pine

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