Cutting Taxes Does Not Take Quality Of Life Into Consideration



You printed a letter from Don Adams of Payson in your Feb. 16 edition.

Mr. Adams suggested that Payson consider spending $907 per capita like Douglas, instead of $1,400 per capital like Payson.

I lived in Douglas for 43 years and, since moving to Phoenix 16 years ago, I have had a Pine cabin for the past nine years.

As a frequent Payson visitor, I can comment on Mr. Adam's opinion.

His "cut taxes at all costs" attitude is sad.

I thought about that as I paddled my canoe Saturday on Town Lake and recalled the Fourth of July and other concerts I have attended in the nearby park.

Yes, it would be good to visit Douglas, as suggested by Mr. Adams, and see "how the town governments there satisfy the citizens" with lower per capita expenditures.

A visitor would soon learn what Douglas officials could do to improve city amenities and services if they could or would tax at $1,400 per capita, but cannot because of the troubled local economy.

Citizens would likewise say that they would love to have amenities like those in Payson, but would be equally quick to point out that the fragile Douglas economy would not support what a strong Payson economy can and does support.

Instead, maybe, Mr. Adams ought to be pleased with the amenities and services his town is able to provide and be thankful that the local economy thrives enough to allow for that contribution by its residents.

Art Atonna, Phoenix/Pine

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