Enhanced 911 System Now Automatically Displays Address



As of Feb.1, Qwest is using the Enhanced 911 (E911) system -- 100 percent.

E911 is used to display your physical address when using a Qwest landline to call 911. This means that when a 911 call is placed from a land-line, the operator receiving this call has a screen in front of them that shows the name of residence or business, phone number of calling party, and that ever-important (green) physical address that the call is being made from.

This is another really good reason that it needs to be posted where it can be seen from the road.

A real beneficial part of this is that if you are not able to speak, for whatever reason, like choking or being threatened, help is automatically on the way.

We are now in step with other similar 911 systems around the country.

Hats off to the many people in Gila County government for accomplishing this huge task.

Unfortunately, the Enhanced 911, with automatic address display, is not available through your cell phone.

Smoke free

In November 2006, the citizens of Arizona made their voices heard by passing Proposition 201 -- the Smoke-Free Arizona Act.

This law will go into effect on May 1. Just what does this mean to all of us?

This landmark statute will prohibit smoking in most indoor public places, including but not limited to, restaurants, bars, gaming facilities such as bingo halls, billiard or pool halls, bowling centers, public buildings, grocery stores or any food service establishment, lobbies, elevators, restrooms, reception areas, hallways, and any other common use areas in public and private buildings, condominiums and other multiple-unit residential facilities, indoor sports arenas, gymnasiums, health care facilities, hospitals, health care clinics, doctors' offices and child day care facilities, common areas in hotels, motels and sleeping quarters of hotels and motels.


Christopher Creek residents celebrating a birthday in March are: March 2, Jeanie Moore and Marcia Delessardro, March 3 -- Randy Dawson, March 6 -- Audry Treat, March 11 -- Chief Ray Larsen, March 12 -- Marsha Ward, March 15 -- Barb and Jim Wheeler, March 19 -- Electra VanEckhoutte, March 20 -- Duane Hansel, March 23 -- PJ Hidde, March 24 -- Rowland Davis, March 27 -- Sandy Hegenderfer.

Wishing all of you a happy birthday.

Hunter Creek homeowners

Don't forget the important homeowners meeting scheduled for Saturday, March 3 at 1 p.m. at the fire hall for residents of Hunter Creek.

The purpose of this important meeting is to elect two new board members for a two-year term.

Those running for these positions are: Karl Mann, Lorna Aschbrennar, Rowland Davis, Joan Foltz and Jack Burns. In addition to the election, they will be discussing outstanding business and revising issues from the Jan. 27 meeting. Carpenter Hazelwood, the attorney for the Hunter Creek Homeowner's Association, will be on hand to answer questions and concerns.

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