Foolish To Use Food For Fuel When People Are Starving



Consider this a counteroffer to the President's State of the Union address by me.

It's so simple even a caveman can do it. The president's plan is to make us independent of foreign oil in 20 years. I can do it in five years. It will take that long for the drills to start turning to the right and to get oil production online. That beats Bush's plan by 15 years.

There is enough domestic oil in our offshore areas -- Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska and the Rocky Mountain belt, as well as the oil sands and shales of Canada and our Western states to supply us for at least a couple hundred years or more.

My plan will produce thousands of well-paying jobs for all peoples for years, as well as to give our economy a big boost and save our corn and soybeans for food, not fuel.

Already, Mexico is almost at a riot stage over the corn shortage for tortillas and the price of eggs is going up. Corn is sold for cattle and chicken feed. There is just not enough land to grow these products for energy and food at the same time.

Besides, how will Daddy explain to little Mike that there won't be any more cornflakes? It's plain stupidity to use a food product for fuel when the world is starving, when there is abundant oil.

Ethanol problems as an additive are well known. The energy supply and environmentalist claims on its behalf are exaggerated or untrue. It's all a political gift to grain growers, distillers and politicians.

Ethanol is not efficient as gas, costs more to produce and takes more energy to make than it can produce.

Ed Welge, Payson

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