Repair, Replace Gear Before Fishing Season Begins



The hunting seasons have drawn to a close. Hopefully, you have some fond memories and stories to tell of exploits in the Arizona outdoors.

No doubt rifles, shotguns, and bows have been cleaned along with other hunting gear that will be stored for future hunts in the fall.

With the approach of spring and warming temperatures, the urge to wet a line at your favorite fishing hole often creates that involuntary reaction of pulling the fishing equipment out of the corner of your garage. The workbench or, in many cases, the kitchen table, becomes the inspection or repair center in preparation for future fishing trips.

Here are a few suggestions to make those spring fishing trips more enjoyable and productive.

1. Cleaning a reel correctly depends on your familiarity with your equipment.

A spinning reel can be easily serviced by pulling the spool and lightly spraying WD-40, then carefully wiping off all dust or grime. Place a drop of Quantum Hot Sauce Oil on the moveable gear and put the spool back in place.

On the more expensive level wind baitcasting reels, the best preventive maintenance is to leave it intact and use a cleaning agent on the exterior. Then, place one drop of Quantum Hot Sauce Oil on the worm gear. If any other issues arise, call the manufacturer customer service phone number.

2. Replace all old line and re-spool new line, which fits the fish you are after. If trout fishing our local Rim lakes, a good monofilament in 4 to 8-pound test would work well.

Bass fishing on Roosevelt Lake will require 8- to 20-pound test, depending on the technique used. Crappie fishing will use line similar to that for catching trout. Quality brand names that produce good fishing line are McCoy, P-Line, Stren or Trilene. There are some new high quality lines on the market made by Gamma and Sugoi, but they are a bit pricey.

Whatever the case, your fishing line needs to be replaced.

3. Examine your fishing rod from tip to handle. The most common repairs after a year's use are tip-and-guide replacements. If this is needed, the Payson area has Rim Country Rod Repair that can take care of your needs. Call (928) 468-0263.

With these three simple tips your spring fishing adventures can be more enjoyable and productive. Hopefully, that big one won't get away because of faulty equipment or old line.

Get ready. The trout, bass and crappies will be biting soon.

This weekend, enjoy the Arizona outdoors, God's creation.

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