Another Solution To Prison Overcrowding



I'm writing about Dan Adams' thoughtful letter, "Another solution to the crowded jail problem," published on Feb. 20.

There is a simple, common sense way to eliminate our jail and prison-overcrowding situation. Reserve our jails and prisons for only those who intentionally harm others against their will.

Not gardeners. Not people who use, produce or sell "unapproved" substances to willing buyers.

Let people sell the "unapproved" substances to willing buyers in licensed and regulated business establishments. This will eliminate drug dealers as we know them today. And this will make the term "drug-related crime" obsolete.

Will we still have drug addicts? Yes. Will drug addicts need to rob, steal or commit acts of prostitution to obtain money to purchase their drugs? No.

Will prison guards and prison builders object? Yes.

Kirk Muse, Mesa

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