Edwards To Be Commended For Efforts On Illegal Immigration



Mayor Bob Edwards should be lauded for upholding the immigration laws.

His plan to reduce illegal immigrants in Payson is a worthy attempt to correct what seemingly the state and federal governments cannot accomplish.

What Mexican supporters should do, rather than demonstrate and protest, is turn their efforts toward legalizing the illegal immigrants.

Our laws need to be obeyed as part of a working social order. Without laws, there is anarchy. Illegals are breaking the laws of the United States.

Demonstrators should educate future citizens as to how to follow U.S. immigration laws and work at entering this country legally. Paying coyotes to take them across the border is dangerous, even deadly. Fix the problem. Don't add to it.

Another thought is for Mexico to establish a working society to guarantee its citizens opportunities for financial growth, thereby ensuring that their citizens stay and develop a prosperous country that can compete globally, educating its children to be trained to do higher-paying jobs that would benefit the country.

If Mexico can accomplish these things, their citizens would not want to leave.

Perhaps new banking companies operating in Mexico will be beneficial for their citizens' future. Mexico needs to invest its money to promote the country's economy.

Fix the problem. Don't add to it.

M. Rosky-Ritz, Payson

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