Liberal Agenda Putting The United States In Danger



The liberal agenda is the dismantling of our military, higher taxes, gun control, disarm the citizens, make them defenseless, more handouts to those who don't pay taxes, but they vote. The ACLU, the nation's legal standard, no intelligence gathering, no profiling, Clinton's recession and stock market back, Hillary's Socialist health care plan and forget protecting our borders -- that's the liberal agenda.

A recent letter writer was concerned about what other countries think of us. Well, they didn't have the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001 and the only time most of them cared about the old United States is if we can get their fat out of the fire.

The letter writer called the energy companies "war profiteers." Those companies provide the means to fight and win. The writer vilifies them. Sounds like old Commie crap.

Our troops are the only thing between the Muslim butchers and us. The ramifications of us pulling out and Iran moving in, spell disaster.

The letter writer claims concern about the debt to our children and grandchildren: If we don't win the war, they, along with us, will be dead -- most likely tortured to death.

Clinton used every means he could to stay out of his party's war and become our fearless leader for eight years. Other than having his mouth and his pants open, what did he do to protect this country?

Millions of Americans know what war is. They have either been in the military, or had or have family members who are in the military, to protect us from tyrants who want world domination. I regret that old age prevents me from being in the Army again. This war, we win or die.

According to Webster's Dictionary, a Communist is one who engages in subversive left wing revolutionary activities.

How to take over this country: Take control of a political party, the judicial, educational, environmental branches of government. Control the media, destroy all moral values -- divide and conquer. You see any of this happening?

I'm through writing in response to letter writers with liberal agendas. There are better things to do.

Dean Knudsen, Strawberry

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