Star Valley Gains Independence, One Address At A Time


The notion that the Town of Star Valley has been adjusting its relationship with the U.S. Postal Service is right as the mail.

Residents have been battling for their own ZIP code for months. They expect a new post office to be built in the Windmill Village development on the downtown Freegard property and town councilors see a separate ZIP code a sign of independence from Payson.

While the town still does not have its own ZIP code, the post office has made one concession.

Residents with HC4 and HC5 rural addressing may now write "Star Valley, AZ" as part of their address. The ZIP code, 85541, is unchanged.

"It gives us a little more unity," said Mayor Chuck Heron.

Mail from Star Valley and Payson is sorted by postal workers in Phoenix and then returned to the Rim Country. So, the post office in Payson isn't really affected by the name change, Heron said.

Payson Postmaster Lori Shewey was integral in the process of getting Phoenix to accept the name change, Heron said.

Star Valley Town Manager Vito Tedeschi said that the independence gained by the name change is a beginning.

"We will still proceed with the ZIP code change," he said. "But this is a great start."

Heron said that the ZIP code change is an ongoing battle with the U.S. Postal Service in Washington, D.C.

He said he's happy about the name change, adding that everyone he has talked to around Star Valley is "tickled with it" as well.

"We're satisfied with it," he said. "It's one small step."

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