Time To Impeach The President For His Lies



The time has arrived for our government to start the impeachment process of both George Bush and Richard Cheney and replace them with the first woman ever to live in the White House as our President, a Democrat.

President Bush and the vice president have been lying to the American people since the Sept. 11, 2001 attack in New York. They used that terrible event as a springboard to lie about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction, even though the United Nations and our own U.S. intelligence agents were not convinced of such a threat.

Two weeks before the war began, at a convention of a veterans' group known as "Veterans for Peace, Veterans Against War," two or three U.S. agents admitted they resigned from their government positions, rather than take part in the lie. This veterans' group is made up of mostly Vietnam veterans.

About a year after the war started, I received, as did others, a copy of a letter written by a woman military officer who confessed that she was a part of the changing of some intelligence statements to make it look like Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. She was reduced in rank because of that admission. I believe, also, that in the not too distant future, General C. Powell will admit that he knowingly lied to the United Nations and to the American people about "WMD."

President Bush keeps barking, "We will win the war." Let's face it. There is nothing to "win" for the American people. Don't say, "Safety from terrorists." That's a cute little trick the President used to take our minds off the WMD hoax. This hoax has cost over 3,000 American military dead and upward of 100,000 Iraqi citizens dead and left them with a civil war that is destroying their country.

The only thing America has the possibility of gaining is the richest oil fields in the world, placing them into the hands of greedy American oil companies. (I believe that is why the war was started.)

The President thought, by starting the Iraq war, Iraqi citizens would open their arms and say, "Welcome, Americans" and our big oil companies would have that open door, something they hounded President Reagan about in the early days of his presidency.

Have American citizens wondered who is getting all the billions of dollars being spent on the manufacturing of war goods in this country and where a lot of it is being sent?

Former President James Carter knows.

Dave Engleman, Payson

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