Stories for January 2007


Tuesday, January 30

Take a hike

As with most popular trails, once you've hiked a couple miles from the parking area the crowds thin out and the wilderness opens up to those who have earned it.

You gotta love the Suns


If you've ever been a basketball fan, even halfheartedly, you gotta love the Suns. At the very least, you've got to respect them. They are playing basketball like it should be played.

Artist gives depth to work through multiple applications


While the snow melts on the golf course outside his window, Jack Greenshield is in his art studio creating a landscape in green.

Customize clothes and accessories with beading


In the last edition of the Review we had an article on beading and focused on jewelry.

Party hardy: Food essential to Super Bowl festivities


A different kind of feast is a tradition at many Super Bowl festivities. And, according to the favorite food at these feasts are chicken wings. So, here are two recipes from the Web site.

A pincers on the Tontos


While the Tontos were being attacked by troops from Fort McDowell on the south, a new threat loomed from the west.

Fans want to make Super Bowl a national holiday


There will not be much agreement between fans of the Chicago Bears and Indianapolis Colts fans for the next few days as these two teams will be squaring off Sunday in Miami in Super Bowl XLI for the ultimate prize.

Monday, January 29

Dale E. Porter

Dale E. Porter, 89, died Jan. 25, 2007 in Phoenix at the North Mountain Medical and Rehabilitation Center.

Public invited to see science fair projects

Science Fair projects created by Pine Strawberry Elementary School students will be on display at the Isabelle Hunt Memorial Library.

Tonto Basin receives $21,000 from Credit for Kids

Tonto Basin School District received $21,000 in their Credit for Kids Campaign.

48 compete in district spelling bee

Programs rustled in the high school auditorium Jan. 23 as 48 students, their parents and classmates waited to see who the best spellers were out of three area elementary schools and the middle school.

Medicare drug coverage option still open

Although the annual Medicare Part D enrollment period has closed, one lesser-known prescription drug coverage option remains open for seniors.

Payson council to discuss increase of development impact fees

The Payson Town Council will conduct a public hearing Thursday on the town's intention to increase development impact fees to pay for public safety, parks and recreation and streets.

Crisis care boxes provide comfort during disaster

Once again, local citizens are being called on to open their hearts and their wallets to assist people in need.

Tristan Anthony Alvarez

Tristan Anthony Alvarez was born at 3:37 p.m. on Jan. 10, 2007 to Anthony and Yvonne at Payson Regional Medical Center.

Connor Michael Murray-Hamner

Connor Michael Murray-Hamner was born on Dec. 28, 2006 at 5:45 p.m. to Mike Hamner and Michelle Murray.

Elliott, Leininger wed

The parents of Samantha L. Elliott and Airman First Class Benjamin Leininger announce the marriage of their children on Jan. 20, 2007.

Jackson graduates

Lisa Jackson, daughter of Payson resident Diane Jackson and the late Carl Jackson, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English from The Pennsylvania State University on Dec. 22, 2006.

Family celebrates 5 generations

On Oct. 24, 2006, Jesson Mikel was born to Jordan Elizabeth Hallford and Klayton Wesley Haught at Payson Regional Medical Center.

Next four games seal postseason fate

The postseason fate of the Longhorns rests on the results of four remaining East region clashes.

Club Rim team adds players to roster

The problems Club Rim experienced this past season, when the volleyball team often fielded only a minimum number of players, are now tribulations of the past.

Former manager returns home to Sawmill Theatres

Craig Triphahn may be the new manager of Sawmill Theatres, but he is not a new face at the movie complex.

Joziah David Ashmore

Joziah David Ashmore was born at 6:39 p.m. on Jan. 15, 2007 to Mark and Angelica Ashmore at the Payson Regional Medical Center.

Payson crowds must beat out Falcon fans

Tad Neal is among those Longhorn basketball supporters who would like to see an overflow crowd turn out for a Jan. 31 game in Wilson Dome against Alchesay.

Wrestlers prepare for 'Beast of the East'

The Payson Longhorns ended the dual meet season with two victories over 4A powers Coconino, 39-34, and Flagstaff High School, 42-40, this past Wednesday in Flagstaff.

Lady Horns in first

The best advice the Lady Longhorn basketball team could receive is the old adage, "Don't look over your shoulder, because someone might be gaining on you."

Little Leaguers encouraged by pro baseball visit

Aspiring major league catcher Neil Medchill has been drafted by the California Angels, drove home the winning run in the Michigan High School All-Star baseball game and now stars for the Chandler-Gilbert Community College baseball team.

Remembering Ernest Garrels

I first met Ernest Garrels when visiting his wife Betty, while gathering information for my upcoming book "Zane Grey's Forgotten Ranch: Tales from the Boles Homestead." He had a couple good stories and the hospitality that he and Betty provided while I gathered information, was terrific.

Ray C. Friesen

Ray C. Friesen died Jan. 26, 2007 at his home in Beaver Valley. He was born on Oct. 14, 1923 in Washita, Okla. to Pete M. and Fern Friesen.

Jenkins home on leave

PV2 Troy Jenkins, son of Darrel and Stephanie Jenkins of Payson, was home on leave after Christmas.

Our government needs a wake-up call

I'm writing about our National Guard being asked to stand down when armed drug dealers were caught crossing our border.

If laws were enforced, there would be no debate

It seems that now the issue of "illegal immigration" has come front and center in Payson, as it has in much of this nation. We are hearing the impassioned views and opinions from both sides of the issue.

Answer to question about feral cat program

This letter is in response to Lynn Andrews' letter asking how the TNR program works.

Writer surprised more hasn't been done about cat killing

As a longtime reader of your online paper, I have been very distressed over the articles about the young people killing cats in the Payson area.

Registration has begun for Head Start

Payson's Head Start is currently enrolling for the 2007-2008 school year.

No excuse for state of Humane Society shelter

I just read the article in the Roundup, published Jan. 26, regarding the terrible state of our Humane Society.

Thanks to support students raised enough money for trip

First of all, we would like to thank the Payson Roundup for supporting us in advertising our events. Second, we would like to thank the entire Rim Country for supporting us throughout this journey to raise funds.

High school rodeo team grateful for support

On behalf of the other Payson competitors, as well as myself, I would publicly like to thank the Pro-Rodeo Committee for their generous donation of $1,000, and support for Payson High School Rodeo.

The America I love is hurting

The two letters by Sean Tyree and Chuck Thompson in the Friday, Jan. 20, Letter to the Editor section of the Payson Roundup were most illustrative.

Glad the Town taking action against illegal immigration

I commend Payson's Town Council for showing true leadership in working to make Payson a place that refuses to welcome or tolerate illegal aliens.

Ochoa completes basic training

Melissa A. Ochoa recently graduated from Basic Training and Advanced Individualized Training with the U.S. Army.

Issues more complex than they first appear


As a political candidate, I identified three priorities to address if elected as Gila County School Superintendent -- the high school drop-out rate, the academic achievement of K-12 students, and the resources needed to support education.

New hospital Web site allows questions before seeing a doctor

You pulled a muscle; you are in a lot of pain. Should you go to the emergency room? How about a visit on the Internet first?

Fire districts merger group selects chairman

Five fire districts in the Rim Country are looking for ways to provide better service for their respective residents.

Star Valley residents unsure who to call in an emergency

In a recent two-day period, the Payson Police Department was called out to Star Valley 15 times by that community's town hall.

Commander aspires to be next police chief

The Payson Police Commander recently earned his master's in business administration with an emphasis in leadership, which could ultimately lead to a promotion within the Payson Police Department.

Spanish-language station airs story about Payson's immigration ordinance

Radical. That's how one Valley television station characterized Payson on Friday when a news crew drove up to do a story on a possible town ordinance cracking down on illegal immigration.

Police suspect woman of Oak Street arson, burglary

Payson Police have submitted complaints to the county attorney against a 42-year-old Payson woman for arson and burglary.

A few thoughts on political correctness

For those of us old enough (shudder) to remember the Cold War, when America was trying to "Defeat Communism," we knew that the term PC or political correctness, was part of the Communist Manifesto.

What's up?

Q: The answer to a Jan. 23 What's Up question stated: "The flag should also not be used in advertising. It should not be used on napkins, boxes, or anything that is designed for temporary use and discarded." What about postage stamps?

If I could pick my daughter's future husband


If my daughter knew I was considering this column, she might be a little embarrassed. Some form of revenge might cross her mind.

Students given one-stop shop for local scholarships

Payson students who plan to continue onto college or technical schools are invited to the first annual Payson Rotary Club Scholarship Fair, sponsored by the Payson Roundup.

'Pennies from Heaven' drive raises $318.42

Amanda Brown valued the penny so much that she had saved 20,000 of them by the time she was 21. Her personal penny drive was an inspiration for others in her family. Her aunt, Payson resident Nora Martin, set up a penny drive in Amanda's memory after she was killed by a drunken driver little more than a year ago.

Fireworks, parade planned for Pine

Arizona is turning 95 and the Pine/Strawberry business community has big plans for the party. A statehood celebration is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 10, beginning at 4 p.m. in Pine. Events on the itinerary include fireworks, a parade and free hot dogs and beverages.

Ordinance will impact affordable housing, study says

As the Payson Town Council passed Ordinance 695 in December to limit residential building permits to 250 per year, the Payson Regional Economic Development Corporation contracted for an economic impact analysis of the ordinance.

Forrest Cline

Forrest Cline was born at 5:04 p.m. on Jan. 19, 2007 to John and Hope Cline at Payson Regional Medical Center.

Alissa Emilia-Anne Nichols

Alissa Emilia-Anne Nichols was born at 7:01 p.m. on Jan. 17, 2007 to Joshua and Melissa Nichols at Payson Regional Medical Center.

AIMS testing available for home schooled students

Home schooled students who wish to take the AIMS high school reading, writing and math tests may sign up with the Gila County School Superintendent's Office at (928) 402-8781.

Westlee James Daniel Dozier

Westlee James Daniel Dozier was born at 6:35 p.m. on Jan. 22, 2007 to Daniel and Elizabeth Dozier at the Payson Regional Medical Center.

Payson is a perfect destination

As saguaros and creosote bushes give way to scrub pine and stately ponderosa, my husband, Craig, and I always marvel at the ongoing beauty as we travel Highway 87.

Thank you to Elks Lodge for blood drive success

The recent Elks Lodge #2154 Blood Drive was a big success, thanks especially to the donors for their participation and, of course, to the Elks Lodge for the use of its facilities.

Ernest Garrels

Ernest Garrels, 87, died Jan. 28, 2007 in Mesa.

Thursday, January 25

Big Brothers Big Sisters hires program specialist

Ginger Sparks is a "big," in the lingo of Big Brothers Big Sisters, getting ready to experience the magic of being matched with a "little."

Fine arts, stadium receive bulk of Credit for Kids funding

Music students, a pottery kiln and the high school stadium improvement project all have one thing in common.

Mayor gives State of the Town address

Where Payson was, where Payson is and where the town is going to be in the future was the focus of Mayor Bob Edwards' first State of the Town address, delivered in Payson Town Hall Tuesday night.

Humane Society wades through flood damage

Despite a dedicated staff and enthusiastic volunteers who work tirelessly to help homeless animals, there is no getting around the fact that the facility that houses Payson Humane Society is in deplorable condition.

Kenneth C. ("KC") Hollemon

Kenneth C. ("KC") Hollemon, 89, died of natural causes Jan. 19, 2007 in Eugene, Ore. He was born to Claude and Martha Hollemon on March 30, 1917 in Fort Collins, Colo.

How to turn illegals into legals


Every once in a while, politicians do something that surprises me by making an honest effort to resolve a problem regardless of how or where the chips fly.

Do you need to establish a trust?


During your working years, if you save money diligently and make wise investment choices, you have a good chance of enjoying a comfortable retirement. But will you be taking proper care of your family after you're gone?

My heart will always be in Payson

It was a sad day for me over five years ago when I was forced to return to the state of my birth, Ohio.

Get legal or get out

I am writing in response to your article on illegal immigrants in Payson Roundup on Jan 16.

Freshmen overcome defeat for later wins

Rebounding from heartbreaking defeat is one of the toughest obstacles young high school players face.

Illegals should try to change their own country

Where are you coming from?

Why aren't illegal immigrants treated like the criminals they are?

Illegal means, "against the law," according to Webster's dictionary.

I'm embarrassed to live in a prejudiced Payson

I'm outraged and embarrassed to say I live in Payson part time after reading your article of immigrants not welcome.

Illegals have been rewarded for too long

We are writing in response to the article "Living in the Shadows." We are curious as to why illegal immigrants feel that they have, or should have, any rights here.

Local company big part of wildlife crosswalk

A Star Valley business had a huge hand in the technologically advanced wildlife-crossing project on Highway 260 that was the first of its kind in the nation.

I support our troops and their mission

In response to my pointing to what I considered a trend in the Democratic Party toward bigotry and intolerance (and now I must include name-calling), I am branded a "bigot" and "intolerant."

Does Bob Edwards have too much power?

On Tuesday evening, members of town staff, the town council, members of the media and interested residents gathered at Payson Town Hall to hear Mayor Bob Edwards give a speech that he called the State of the Town.

Sex offender attended Tonto Village school

On Thursday, the Gila County Sheriff's Office confirmed that a 29-year-old sex offender who masqueraded as a 13-year-old boy had attended a Tonto Village school.

Living in the shadows should have read living behind bars

"Living in the Shadows" should read "living behind bars," or "crawling through tunnels."

51 years together

John and Kay Dino recently celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera.

Meditation helps many beat stress, lower blood pressure

The man sitting in the straight-back chair -- hands on his knees, eyes closed, breathing evenly -- is not sleeping.

Diane Brown: She would do anything for animals


If you read the Payson Roundup's stories about pets available for adoption from the Payson Humane Society, then you have seen Diane Brown's work. She takes the pet photographs and writes the information about them, hoping a good-hearted Rim Country family will open their home to one or more of the great animals at the shelter.

67 years together

Robert and Opal Williams, known as Bob and Polly, celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary.

22nd wedding anniversary

Scott and Michelle Ross recently celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary on Dec. 31, 2006.

Help on the journey

Love of family, neighbors help girl through struggle with rare cancer

Julia Griffith is on a journey. She shares her path with a paint mare named Holly, slumber parties with her sister, Amie, and the children in the oncology ward at Phoenix Children's Hospital. "In the three weeks she was there, she became the nanny of the floor (for the younger children) and parents could get a break," Debbie Griffith said.

Repairs needed now at animal shelter


The facility that houses the Payson Humane Society animal shelter, at 812 S. McLane Road, is in dire need of repair. The recent freezing weather caused an overhead pipe to burst, showering some of the animals with ice-cold water for hours until help arrived.

Hopefully you spent last weekend at home with a good book and a warm fire


That was quite a beautiful snowfall. Hopefully, everyone stayed home in front of the fire, read a book and kept warm. The wind was rather nasty, but we survived.

Payson Stampede added to national calendar

The eyes of the cycling nation will focus next spring on the Payson Stampede 24-Hour Mountain Bike Challenge.

NFL referee no stranger to Rim Country

When Ron Corrente's phone rings during an NFL football game, he usually knows who is on the other line.

Teams on track for postseason success

Payson High School basketball fans should begin laying plans for trips to the postseason region and state tournaments in Snowflake and Flagstaff.

135 lb. wrestler quietly builds impressive season

If you have watched Longhorn wrestling this year, you have seen a young man quietly put together a very impressive season at 135 pounds.

7 homeless after home burns to ground

Three adults and four children became homeless Tuesday morning when the trailer they were living in at 902 Saddle Lane burned to the ground. Steve Schade and his wife, Sarah, along with their two children, were at the residence when the fire broke out in the front part of the trailer home. Schade said it took only 10 minutes for the home to burn to the ground.

Fear of cold not a factor for fishermen

For Pine anglers Jake Randall and Paul Randall, fear of the cold is not a factor.

Many were searching for the perfect sled hill


My daughter and I went out in search of a place to sled over the weekend. We found several really good places and ran into a lot of others doing the same thing.

Residents turn in unofficial snow amounts


Tonto Village survived a major snowfall this past weekend.

Church briefs

Celebrate victory in your life.

As cancer in humans declines there is hope for the same in animals


Cancer in humans is on the decline -- such wonderful news. Now, medical experts are using the statistics from this trend to determine what is making the difference. They have already come to some significant conclusions.

PRMC chefs work as a team

The Rim Country's top culinary notables will share their talents for a benefit to raise money for the Payson Public Library expansion project.

Students better behaved this year at PHS

Students are better behaved at Payson High School this school year, according a report compiled by principal Roy Sandoval and assistant principal Tim Fruth.

Star Valley mayor to give State of the Town address

A lot can happen in 14 months. And in the case of Star Valley, a lot has happened.

Adjacent property owners excited about downtown development in Star Valley

About a dozen Star Valley property owners showed up at a meeting with developers to hear a presentation about the Freegard property and to voice their opinions about how the project might affect them.

Marvin C. Hogard Jr.

Marvin C. Hogard Jr., 94, died Jan. 21, 2007 in Lake Havasu City. He was born Oct. 10, 1912 in Chicago, Ill.

Freda J. Downing

Freda J. Downing, 76, of Payson, died Jan. 22, 2007. She was born Oct. 12, 1930 in Bowling Green, Ky.

What's up?

Q: Does the district have any plans for a science fair this year at the high school or middle school level?

Thank you to blood drive volunteers

The January blood drive was a success due largely to those who volunteered their time and especially for all those who donated their blood.

Thank you for making the holidays incredible

We have waited until all the holiday festivities were done -- everyone else has paid their thanks -- and now we wish to express our gratitude and to tell everyone and every business that made our Thanksgiving and Christmas events at Greater Payson Lodge #852 the most incredible ever.

Thank you to the Payson Post Office employees

Once again, the holiday season has passed and once again I'd like to take a moment to extend a few well-deserved "best wishes" and "thank you" to all of the people who work at the Payson Post Office.

Spur of the moment bow hunt leads to trophy buck


If you are an archery hunter, then mid-December through the entire month of January is your opportunity to hunt deer in the northern half of the state below the Mogollon Rim.

A public thank you to the men who helped me

On New Year's Day, I took my service dog to the fenced-in ballpark to run off leash.

Outdoor cats becoming a nuisance

Recently, there have been several articles concerning the cat TNR program started by Lisa Boyle.

Time Out thanks volunteers for support in 2006

The management and staff of Time Out Inc. would like to thank all the wonderful volunteers who so generously gave of their time and talents to both the shelter and the thrift shop in 2006.

Illegal families should be deported

The two families you interviewed for the story "living in the shadows" are illegal and should be deported.

Tickets still available for library fund-raiser 'A Taste of Rim Country'


It's not too late to get your tickets to the upcoming Payson Public Library fund-raiser, "A Taste of Rim Country," which will be held from 5 to 7 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 17, at the Tonto Apache Community Center.

Wednesday, January 24

Payson draft ethics policies now available for public review

The Citizens Task Force on Ethics for Payson has drafted policies that would, if adopted by the Town Council, govern the ethical behavior of elected and appointed officials of Payson, as well as employees of the Town of Payson. Download summary and full-version pdf files here.

Tuesday, January 23

Statehood dinner benefits historical society


Help preserve Payson history and enjoy celebrating Arizona's birthday Feb. 10.

The infantry invades


The Woolsey party did not accomplish any of their immediate goals, to kill Indians, find gold or recover lost livestock.

Italian flavors: A treat for the taste buds and ears


Come stai? (How are you?) I am learning to speak Italian.

Take a hike

Unless you're looking for a snowshoe adventure, hiking this week means heading south.

The beauty of beads & baubles


Years ago I stopped at a gift shop in the Village of Oak Creek and came across two fabulous necklaces made of Czech glass beads. They seemed to be very reasonably priced and the beads were dazzling -- not a lot of sparkle, but all kinds of colors and shapes.

Great winter beach vacations


Most of us like to be around water at some time in our lives.

Living the dream: Artist in silk is grateful for her gift


Artist Helen Tennent knew that wanted to be an artist when she was only five years old and her mother sent her off a year early to school in rural Wisconsin.

You are cordially invited to a black-and-white gala


The premier black-tie affair for 2007 will be the Black and White Ball on Feb. 17.

Stick to the list


I once worked in an office that had no Post-it notes, not even the knock-off versions that stick just once ... if the user is lucky.

Monday, January 22

Woman accomplishes lifelong dream of writing a book

Three years ago Peggy Seitz sat down to write.

Recycling for school

Kindergartners Curtis Potvin and Eve Armstrong are members of Frontier Elementary School's student body who brought plastic grocery bags to school.

Win over Elks one for history books

When Payson High School sports history books are inked, the Lady Longhorns' 48-42 win over the Round Valley Elks might go down as one of the most remarkable.

Sudden Storm: 7 inches of snow falls in Payson, 10 inches in Strawberry

Fire and police departments in the Rim Country had a busy weekend as a major snowstorm arrived in two phases. The National Weather Service reported that Payson received seven inches of snow over the weekend. "This was a pretty strong winter storm for Payson," said National Weather Service forecaster Dan White.

Hospital welcomes new leadership

Payson Regional Medical Center added two members to its administration department. Nancy Chartier R.N., M.S., is the hospital's new Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) and Denten Park is the hospital's new Assistant Chief Executive Officer (ACEO).

Longhorns need a win over Lobos

A Longhorn win today, Tuesday, over the homestanding Snowflake Lobos would be further proof that the boys basketball team (14-6) is among the school's finest of the past two decades.

Former PHS football coach honored in Pennsylvania

Former Payson High School football coach Dan Dunn was inducted Sunday into the Mercer County Hall of Fame in Pennsylvania. The ceremony was held in West Middlesex, Pa.

Long rider

On a route from East Glacier, Mont. passing through Nevada, Arizona, Washington and back home to Trego, Mont.

Mogollon Health fund-raiser a black-tie affair

The premier black-tie affair for 2007 will be the Black and White Ball on Feb. 17.

Cordella Ann Prather

Cordella Ann Prather was born at 5:51 p.m. Dec. 9, 2006 to Daniel and April Prather at the Payson Regional Medical Center.

Photo Gallery: Winter in Rim Country

Rim Country is especially beautiful after a snowfall. We invited our readers to send winter photos taken in the area. See this community photo gallery. We thank our readers for sharing their winter memories.

11 named to county jails committee

A committee of volunteers is being formed to look into the need for new jail facilities in Gila County. The new facilities will be paid for by a tax that will appear on the November ballot if it is recommended by the committee.

New parks director ready to settle into Payson

Rick Manchester, the Payson Parks and Recreation director, has been in Payson for a little more than a week. He was hired by the Payson Town Council to replace Bill Schwind, who resigned to take a similar position in Glendale.

Sex offender may have attended area school

A 29-year-old convicted sex offender from Oklahoma, who allegedly masqueraded as a 12-year-old, is under investigation by local authorities.

After safe yield study released, towns should return to the table

We were disappointed to watch the failure of a water agreement between Payson and Star Valley.

People on fixed incomes appreciate the extra effort during the holidays

Before we get too far along in this New Year, we want to remember the highlights of the 2006 holiday season here at Pine View Manor.

We have gone to the law and they have done nothing

I am writing in regards to the letter published in the Friday, Jan. 12, edition.

We need more efforts like the Payson Institute of Learning

Congratulations to Norma Wade and the others who have been involved in creating the Payson Institute of Learning and bringing so many opportunities for educational enrichment to Payson.

In support of Payson's efforts to rein in illegal immigration

I'm glad other Payson folks noticed the lack of teenagers and seniors working in the fast food restaurants last summer, and a lot of Spanish-speaking people instead.

Thank you for help making basketball court reality

We, Tonto Valley Bible Church in Gisela, would like to extend a long over due "thank you" to all the people (too many to mention) involved in getting the basketball court completed.

No justification for embryonic stem cell research

The media and the Democratic majority are stressing the development of embryonic (emphasis on embryonic) stem cell research, while adult, umbilical stem cells have treated patients with grave diseases and repaired damaged organs for years.

Town council should be addressing the real issues

The second paragraph is the key to the article, "Living in the shadows." The paragraph reads, "who have been working and living here." The keyword is "working."

Are immigrants carrying their share of the financial burden?

Please ask the report who did the article, "Living in the Shadows," why he made no mention of whether these people paid income taxes and are they paying property taxes to fund schooling for their children?

Mourning anniversary of Roe v. Wade

As we approach the 34th anniversary of what I believe is the most tragic day in the history of our great nation, I am writing to be certain that everyone who reads this will realize that all humans begin life at the moment of conception.

What's up?

Q: Thank you for having that quiz about U.S. flag etiquette on your Web site. I'd like to suggest another question -- Does wearing a hat or necktie made from the U.S. flag show respect?

Fiscal argument continues to separate college board

The Gila County Community College Governing Board meeting took place in two classrooms over 80 miles apart but the contradicting mindsets of the board members separated them more than the physical distance.

Longhorns wrestle to a third-place finish in Tim Van Horn tournament

With a legion of Tim Van Horn's family and friends looking on, Payson High School senior wrestler Porter Wilbanks proudly clutched the memorial trophy for which the annual tournament is named.

Longtime rivalry produces exciting day for spectators

Last Wednesday night, the Payson Longhorns made the trip over the Mogollon Rim to do battle with the White Mountain teams of Round Valley, Alchesay and Show Low in the Cougars' gym.

Junior Rodeo winners

Bryndee Hall took home ribbons and a cash prize from this weekend's Junior rodeo, held in Buckeye.

Snow postpones events planned for weekend


My Pine Strawberry column was written as usual last week, but low and behold, I forgot to e-mail it to the paper.

Electrician will change a bulb or rewire a house

Tony Phillips owner and operator of Tone & Son Electric, LLC, likes to focus his work on the little things -- changing an out-of-reach light bulb for a senior citizen, installing a ceiling fan-light fixture, adding lines for electronic equipment, even putting up Christmas lights. He will rewire antique lamps and other electrical pieces to make them safer.

Self-taught computer tech can teach others

Dave Joseph says he "got into computers about seven years ago and just loved it."

Wreck in the rain

A three-car accident Friday afternoon on Highway 260 slowed traffic for more than 30 minutes.

A story of perseverance

Jack, a three-legged hybrid dog on a mission, says hello to 15-year-old Jacob Haddad at the American Legion building Saturday.

Pony Express delivers birthday surprise

Sharon V. King had a wonderful early surprise for her 93rd birthday.

Contest a chance to study MLK message

Teacher Elizabeth Silver wants to impart art's role in culture and heritage to pupils at the Shelby Charter School in Tonto Village.

Middle school principal continues to work despite retirement

The principal's office at Rim Country Middle School does not have a new occupant, despite the fact that Monica Nitzsche retired on Dec. 31, 2006.

Mackenzie Marie Powers

Mackenzie Marie Powers was born at 8:52 a.m. Jan. 3, 2007 to Jesse and Melissa at Payson Regional Medical Center.

Walk in dark raises money for visually impaired

Start planning now for an evening stroll this spring.

Wal-Mart evacuated Sunday afternoon

The Wal-Mart department and grocery store on the Beeline Highway was evacuated for about an hour early Sunday afternoon as firefighters searched for the cause of a gas odor.

Logo contest kicks off year-long celebration

The Town of Payson is 125 years old this year. The final weekend of the official celebration will take place Oct. 5, 6 and 7.

Hugh Donnely

Hugh Donnely, a summer resident of Strawberry, died Jan. 15, 2007 in Phoenix.

Dora Jean James

Dora Jean James, 81, a longtime Payson resident, died Jan. 15 at her daughter's home in Bullhead City, Ariz.

Howard Joseph Lafferty

Howard Joseph Lafferty, 76, of Payson, died Jan. 14, 2007 in Payson.

Patrick W. Love

Patrick W. Love of Payson died Jan. 13, 2007 in Payson.

Larry Walker

Larry Walker, 59, of Payson, died Jan. 21, 2007 at the Payson Hospice.

Prescribed burns create noticeable smoke

Residents can expect to see smoke from prescribed burning of vegetative debris piles on the west side of Payson, off North Vista Road and in the surrounding areas.

Saturday, January 20

Snow conditions close State Route Highway 87 southbound Sunday

Heavy snow and vehicle accidents closed the Beeline Highway, State Route 87, southbound Sunday starting at milepost 235.6, at SR 188. The highway reopened late Sunday but road conditions remain hazardous and travelers are advised to be cautious.

Thursday, January 18

Star Valley Town Council approves ZIP code resolution

The Star Valley Town Council approved a resolution requesting a ZIP code that it plans to take along with a resolution passed Tuesday by the Gila County Board of Supervisors to the U.S Postal Service.

Financial aid available for women going back to college

If you are a woman, attending an undergraduate degree or vocational training program, have financial need and you have primary financial responsibility for yourself and your dependents, you may apply for a Woman's Opportunity Award.

Another perspective

Visiting from Guaymas, Mexico, Pedro Cordova-Valdez and Marta Cecilia Herrera-Ruiz answer probing questions from Payson High School Students during a Spanish class Thursday.

Comments against president were vile

My thumb is on the end of my nose and my fingers are moving rapidly.

Sharing the great outdoors

Listen to experts and tell stories about ‘the big one' that got away at Outdoor Rendezvous

In the three years since the inception of the Outdoor Rendezvous, it has grown to become one of the most eagerly anticipated events on the small-town Arizona recreational calendar.

Zane Grey Steakhouse chef uses hands-on approach to cooking

The Rim Country's top culinary notables will share their talents for a benefit to raise money for the Payson Public Library expansion project.

Locals make great time in Rock 'n' Roll marathon

A pair of veteran runners led the Rim Country charge at the P.F. Chang's Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Marathon and Half Marathon on Sunday.

Learning a lifelong pastime for undersheriff


The undersheriff in Payson for Gila County has been an emergency medical technician, still holds a commercial pilot's license and scuba dives for recreation and as part of his job.

Dog coats and boots needed by some breeds, not others


Needless to say, it has been cold lately. Our pets require special attention and care during this cold weather.

Holiday spirit not lost in Payson

I recently read an article in which the author described his loss of the holiday spirit. His words left me wanting to replace his yearning for the excitement and joy he had experienced as a young boy -- all that fills the mind of a child for weeks to come each December as they eagerly anticipate the arrival of Santa Claus on Christmas morning.

Vision presented for downtown Star Valley

The Star Valley Town Council heard a presentation from architects and developers about the vacant parcel of land they intend to develop over the next three years.

Wrestling team spaghetti dinner around the corner

The Payson High School Longhorn wrestling team is set to have another of the benefit spaghetti dinners that have long provided sports fans with a lip-smacking meal at a budget price.

Independent thinkers should write 'Independent' when questioned about party affiliation


If you read the Letters to the Editor in the Payson Roundup on Dec. 29, you saw a letter from a local conservative who raked a local liberal over the coals for his recent letters.

The only safe cat is an indoor cat


There is no way to get around the fact that safe cats are indoor cats. Here are some convincing reasons for keeping feline pets inside the house.

Perk Renick

Perk Renick, 77, of Jake's Corner, died Jan. 14, 2007 in Phoenix.

Michael D. Kathe

Michael D. Kathe, 44, of Tempe, died Jan. 16, 2007. He was born May 18, 1962 in Salina, Kan.

Committee looking for Payson Rodeo Queen photos

As part of the 125th anniversary celebration of Payson, the Northern Gila County Historical Society in conjunction with Git A Rope Publishing, is planning a major display about the Payson Rodeo at the society's museum in Green Valley Park.

Police briefs

The 17-year-old Pine boy accused of killing a pet cat by shooting him in the head with a pellet gun made a brief appearance Tuesday afternoon in Payson Superior Court.

Heavyweight fighter trains in Payson

Martial arts fighter Chad "Gravedigger" Griggs wraps up three days of training today, Friday, in Payson.

Ice fishing in Arizona comes with set of challenges


With winter upon us and a week of very cold temperatures, many of the Rim lakes have iced over. Before the last cold spell, Willow Springs already had six inches of safe ice in the narrow coves on the back side of the lake.

Tim Van Horn wrestling tournament

This weekend, Payson High School will be hosting the 16-team Tim Van Horn Memorial Wrestling Tournament, which is a showcase event for high school athletics in the state of Arizona.

Highest honor

Why do so many youth in Payson become Eagle Scouts?

The high number of Eagle Scouts in Payson, according to one former Boy Scouts Scoutmaster, is the result of adults pushing and supporting them toward this goal.

Nothing is thawing out in Christopher Creek


This is the coldest I have ever seen it in Christopher Creek. Absolutely nothing is thawing out.

Temperatures dropped to zero degrees this weekend


This past week has been very cold in Tonto Village. The coldest day was Sunday morning when the temperature dropped to zero degrees. There was some snowfall this past weekend, but only about two to three inches fell on the ground. The wind made the temperatures seem colder. The temperatures have leveled off a bit at about 12 to 15 degrees in the early morning.

Fire board thanks community for support in 2006


Chief Essary and the Whispering Pines fire board would like to take this opportunity to thank the community for all of your support during 2006.

Church briefs

Mountain Bible Church is starting a new semester of Bible studies for women.

Are you really a long-term investor?


Many Payson area residents have been investing for a long time. Therefore, they consider themselves to be long-term investors. But are they?

Mayor to give 'State of the Town' address

Mayor Bob Edwards will deliver his first "State of the Town" address at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Payson Town Council Chambers, 303 N. Beeline Highway.

Couple celebrates 60 years together

In 1947, "The Diary of Anne Frank" was first published, George Jones began his musical career and the Central Intelligence Agency was founded. Harry S. Truman was president, the world continued to rebuild after the devastation of World War II and communism was a growing threat.

Group offers Payson a makeover

On Thursday night, the Payson Town Council met to discuss what could be done to make the town more visually appealing.

Carrying on 40 years of family tradition

One of Payson's newest restaurants has 40 years of tradition behind its recent opening. Rick and Sandra Floyd, who are assisted in its operation by their daughter, Monica, opened Cardo's Pizza Italian Restaurant in late December in the space once occupied by the Sesame Inn.

Mayor asks Star Valley to abide by safe yield study

After coming to the conclusion that the proposed intergovernmental agreement between Star Valley and Payson is not going to happen, Mayor Bob Edwards still wants the two towns to abide by the results of a safe yield study that is currently under way.

Student's essay touches hearts of veterans

Payson High School Junior Megan Ochoa's essay placed third in the district in the VFW's annual "Voice of Democracy" scholarship competition, which encompasses eight Posts throughout northern Arizona.

Town taking action where federal government has failed

Get anyone in Arizona talking about illegal immigration and the tension at the table is immediate. But this is not an issue that has just two sides. There is no right and left, conservative or liberal when it comes to immigration. The issue is more complex than that.

Water debate about groundwater, not surface water

It didn't take long for the Arizona Department of Water Resources to enter our debate on water ownership.

Most important that soldiers not be forgotten

I agree that whether a list of war casualties shows honor or disrespect depends on the intention of those who create or publish the list, as you wrote in your editorial, "Does a list of war casualties honor or disrespect the dead?" on Jan. 8.

Thank you to a teacher from a student who remembers

Thank you, John Hanna.

Letter about history of Democrats illuminating

The illuminating letter to the editor "A theme is developing among the Democrats" by Steve Morgan of Pine, published Jan. 2, spoke for all of us from the era of observers, that is, World War II.

Erin Turner joins Roundup reporting staff

I'm a big-city girl in mind, body and soul.

Nominations sought for business man and woman of the year

The Payson Regional Economic Development Corporation wants to recognize businesses and individuals that played key roles in the economic development of Northern Gila County.

Tired of reading letter writer's socialist doctrine

Larry Brophy's letters to the editor are a classic example of "Socialist Doctrine" and typical liberal rhetoric.

Reward money for geese vandals now up to $435

My sincere gratitude to all the folks who have called or stopped by to offer their "condolences" on the vandalism of my geese lawn ornaments, and also to those who have offered to add to the reward money.

Please reconsider council action against illegal immigrants

In grappling with a decidedly and increasingly perplexing situation regarding the transplants from other countries who have found their way to Payson, our council has hopefully only had a momentary lapse of good judgment in declaring our community a place that will not welcome a certain people group.

An overdue ‘thank you' for those who built basketball court

A long time ago, a whole bunch of people got together and helped pour concrete for a much needed community basketball court on the Tonto Valley Bible Church play yard.

What's up?

Q: Why was the man arrested for providing meth to minors and for having inappropriate relations with one of them not listed by name? This seems like selective reporting.

Heavy equipment operation class offered in Pine

A Gila Community College class is being offered in Pine, thanks to collaborative efforts from the college, county and towns of Payson and Pine, Dean Harry Swanson said.

Learn to protect your loved one with Alzheimer's

Non-paid and informal caregivers for those suffering from Alzheimer's will learn about a variety of steps to assure that the legal aspects of their loved one's life are covered, in a special workshop at Payson Care Center Tuesday.

Tuesday, January 16

Family heroes: We all have them and their stories


By now, nearly three weeks into the new year, the leftovers are all gone, and the house is pretty much back to normal.

Artist sees jewelry as sculpture


Crystal clusters that flash a rainbow spectrum of color, even in soft light, are contemporary jeweler Patricia Allebrand's favorite stone. At least, for the moment.

Crossing Tonto Land, Part B


As King Woolsey and his citizen army continued to invade Tonto Apache territory, the Indians observed how these men would scramble up the hillsides with their picks and dip their pans into the streambeds.

No sweat game-time gathering


Sports fans know that the best game-watch gatherings offer a winning combination of camaraderie and great food.

Tennis is an overhead smash for Rim Country players


To play for love is to play without wager, for nil, but local tennis players, who gather on the public courts at Rumsey Park, know it is never for nil.

Creative Cards: Experts offer tips on expressing style in Valentine greetings


We live in an age when the Internet and mass media provide access to the latest trends at the click of a mouse or the touch of a remote. As a result, people want their homes, their fashions and even their holiday celebrations to reflect their individual style and personality.

Monday, January 15

Resident requested investigation of town practices

Please be advised, on Sept. 21, 2006, I initiated a complaint to the Arizona State Attorney General's Office regarding the allegations of open meeting violations by the Town of Payson.

Weather postpones Friday's game

Mother Nature forced postponement of the Longhorn boys basketball much-anticipated clash against league leading and state No. 2 ranked Alchesay (17-2).

Video: Why our students are joining the military

This eight-minute video was filmed at Payson High School during the school's annual 2006 Career Day. See interviews with students explaining why they have made the decision to join the military during a time of war.

Blue Ridge water back on table

The Blue Ridge Reservoir and the possibility of bringing its surface water to Payson could be one step closer to reality.

Credit For Kids raises $297,000

Through the Credit For Kids tax credit, taxpayers supported the Payson Unified School District with more than $297,000 this year. The Pine Strawberry School District received $56,250.

Signing planned for 'The Insect Wonderland'

Lady Dragonfly will be at the Past and Present Boutique, 509 S. Beeline Highway in Payson, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday to sign the book, "The Insect Wonderland."

Workshop helps writers, artists make more profit with less stress

A workshop for writers, artists and other creative types aims to help this entrepreneurial group create more profit and less stress.

Skipping college no longer an option in changing world

The world is changing faster than we can find the words to describe that change.

Failure to define terms source of dispute in water debate

Ralph Bossert, in his letter on the subject of "Who really owns the water," published this past Friday, asked, "Who owns the water under Payson? The simple answer is the people who took the risk to drill and develop the wells own the water produced by their wells."

Volunteers make thrift store a fun place to work

I just have to brag. I think volunteers are wonderful people.

Flags are to be flown half-staff until Jan. 25

On Dec. 30, 2006, the President of the United States in his radio address to the Nation paid tribute to the 38th President, Gerald R. Ford. In this message, the President also ordered the American flags to fly at half-staff for 30 days in Ford's honor.

Why doesn't Payson have a fencing team?

Fencing, what do you think of at first? Perhaps, you think of a bunch of people in white suits moving back and forth with swords.

Toys for Tunes included teenagers

In response to Elaine Ellinger's Letter to the Editor concerning toys given away to teenagers for Christmas, I am proud to say that KRIM's Toys For Tunes included ages up to age 17.

What's up?

Q: My wife and I enjoy reading the Roundup. It's a good paper but it seems like the ink rubs off on our hands more when compared to other newspapers. Is there a reason for this?

Longhorn wrestlers solidly defeat three opponents

The Payson Longhorns traveled to Sunnyslope High School this past Wednesday and defeated all three of their 4A opponents in solid fashion.

Payson girls put to the test

The stage has been set for the Lady Longhorns to challenge one of the most successful girls basketball programs in the state.

Maverick basketball

Zach Blazer and Juan Machado bring the ball down court during play against the Snowflake Lobos at Rim Country Middle School Thursday evening.

Former football player appreciates Boise trick play

I knew Eric Anderson would understand it. Not because he's now a highly successful Payson dentist, but because he once played football on the offensive line.

Event Center construction on hold

The Town of Payson is currently in a holding pattern with the Event Center that was approved by the council in July.

Man and dog collect signatures for soldiers

Wounded soldiers recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., will soon receive the love of a three-legged therapy dog named Jack and several 250 foot-long scrolls signed with good wishes.

Edith N. Sarraille

Edith N. Sarraille died Friday, Jan. 5, 2007 in Cottonwood, Ariz. She was a longtime resident of Payson.

Sapp/Denson wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Sapp of Payson announce the marriage of their son, Sean Garrett Sapp, to Lauren Nicole Denson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Denson Jr. of Glendale.

Briggs/Clifton engagement

Adria Seeley, Eric Espich and James and Cindy Briggs announce the engagement of their daughter, Arita Jo Briggs of Vero Beach, Fla. to Dallas Lindsay Clifton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Cline of Payson.

Community college districts: The haves and have-nots


According to a recent nationwide study, Arizona's education system is tied for 49th place among the 50 states, and nowhere is that more evident than in the disjointed system of community colleges, where we again rank 49th in terms of students who enter the system, but never graduate.

Residents will see smoke from prescribed burns this week

With much-needed precipitation arriving in the Rim Country, Payson Ranger District wildland fire personnel will begin burning vegetative debris piles today, Tuesday, if ideal conditions are present.

Thank you for my bike

Dear Santa's Helpers, Thank you for my beautiful red bike.

Living in the shadows

Better wages, schools keep illegal immigrants in Payson

Better schools and much better pay are two of the reasons people leave Mexico for the United States.

Payson sees lowest temps since 2002

The cold snap of the past few days saw highs reaching only the 30s and precipitation limited to 0.16 inches, according to Anna Mae Deming, National Weather Service observer for Payson.

Toys for Tots drive includes teenagers

In response to Elaine Ellinger's letter regarding gifts for teens through Toys For Tots, yes ma'am, we do give to teenagers. Our age limit is through 16 years of age and I can assure you we received many gifts for teenagers and, yes, they were received by teenagers.

Final chapter in a story that began eight-and-a-half years ago

Eight-and-a-half years ago, the Beeline Highway was rocked by one of its worst accidents ever -- one that killed at least two people and permanently disabled another. Recently, the latter was called home after going through quite an ordeal the past eight years.

Diamondbacks to train Little Leaguers

Former Arizona star Mark Grace part of Hometown Tour

A Little Leaguer's dream is waiting just over the horizon.

Tim Van Horn wrestling tournament to showcase 16 teams

This weekend, Payson High School will be hosting the 16-team Tim Van Horn Memorial Wrestling Tournament, which is a showcase event for high school athletics in the state of Arizona.

Star Valley Council to discuss ZIP code

The Star Valley Town Council meets tonight to discuss a resolution regarding the acquisition of a ZIP code for the town from the U.S. Postal Service.

Christening a ministry

Members of the SonShine Club child care program at the Payson United Methodist Church, church members and children from Payson Community Kids all participated in christening the SonShine Club bus this weekend.

Help available for those with cancer

Having cancer is difficult. Finding help shouldn't be.

Whatever happened to women wearing perfume?


Perfumes, colognes -- where have they gone? Used to be, not so long ago, a woman wouldn't go out without a splash or swish of scent, but one seldom catches a floral or spicy whiff anymore.

Teaching your child to read

Parents may not be conscious of emphasizing the "b" sound in the word "ball" when their toddler brings them a ball, nor that the emphasis is a key to reading skills.

Thursday, January 11

Illegal immigrants not welcome in Payson, council says

The Payson Town Council wants to send a message to undocumented workers that they are not welcome in Payson.

Best of Payson ballots inside print edition

The Payson Roundup's annual Best of Payson ballot is in the print edition of the paper on page 6A and will be printed one more time on Jan. 16. Categories include Best Hamburger, Best Bar, Best Store Clerk and Best Hardware Store.

Man arrested for providing meth to minors

A 35-year-old man was arrested by the Payson Police Department last week for allegedly providing drugs to three teenagers and for having inappropriate relations with one of them.

Marge Hanscom is truly missed

I would like to first apologize for the delay of this letter. Vacations, sickness and holidays left me short-staffed the past two months of 2006. This letter should have been written weeks ago.

Fire department receives $95,000 from Homeland Security

A $95,000 grant the Department of Homeland Security recently awarded to the Payson Fire Department will be used for improvements at its Main Street station. Congressman Rick Renzi said the Payson Fire Department was chosen for the grant because of the town's proximity to the national forest.

Council meets to narrow goals for 2007 strategic plan

Each Town of Payson department head gave the council a snapshot of where they are and what plans they have for the future, during a meeting Thursday morning held to discuss the Corporate Strategic Plan.

Tips to help your dog lose weight


Last week's column took a look at dog food labels and how to differentiate between a good dog food and a horrible one.

Water task force member calls for action

On Tuesday night, John Breninger presented his perspective on the findings of the mayor's water task force.

Fire board member faces recall

Ross Gooder will face a recall.

Local wins top prize with 7.12-pound bass


Every tournament bass fisherman dreams of catching that really big fish that wins that tournament or puts them in the big money.

Beautiful donation

Bessie Sopeland, reference librarian, and Kathy Morgan, circulation librarian, of the Payson Public Library admire an antique Asian vessel donated by Genevieve Medigovich.

Margaret "Marnie" Crawford Morgan

Margaret "Marnie" Crawford Morgan died Jan. 10, 2007 in Payson. She was born in Pennsylvania, June 3, 1914.

Lady Horns destroy Estrella

Sophomore guard Cydney Figueroa's finest performance of her two-year varsity career lifted the Lady Longhorns to a 67-17 shellacking of Estrella Foothills.

2007 team compared to best of past

There'll be more at stake than first place in the East region standings when the Payson Longhorns and the Alchesay Falcons clash tonight, Friday, in Wilson Dome.

Wrestler a team leader after 5 years of hard work

For the past two seasons, Zach Rodgers anchored the 160- and 171-pound weight classes for the Payson Longhorns.

Town clerk goes door to door to make sure businesses are licensed

To ensure that all Star Valley businesses are officially on the town roster, Star Valley town clerk Sarah Luckie led a two day, door-to-door canvass Tuesday and Wednesday to hand out proper licensing forms to business owners in Star Valley.

Heart defibrillator installed at Payson Public Library

16 of the machines now in public places around town

Chances of survival are slim if immediate action is not taken after an individual suffers a heart attack.

Sarah Elizabeth Salwitz

Sarah Elizabeth Salwitz, daughter of Georgia Ann and Michael T. Salwitz, died unexpectedly in her sleep early Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2007.

What's up?

Q: Why haven't we been hearing the Sawmill horn for the last couple of weeks? Will it start sounding off again? We miss it a lot. --AND-- Q: Why didn't middle school students get report cards mailed out over the break? And when will they be mailed out?

Laura Ann Kelley Stotko

Laura Ann Kelley Stotko died Dec. 7, 2006 in her home in Scottsdale. She was born on March 28, 1925 in Hopkins, Minn.

Leon Michael Valencia

Leon Michael Valencia, aged two months, of Payson, died Dec. 27, 2006. He was born Oct. 23, 2006.

Man arrested after leading police on chase

A Payson man was arrested Wednesday morning after leading police in a chase on foot.

Pony Express rides again

Hashknife riders arrive in Payson Jan. 31

For nearly half a century, a group of men have saddled up to commemorate the riders of the Pony Express. They ride and relay mail from Holbrook to Scottsdale, stopping in communities all along the Rim.

Doing the things she never dreamed possible


Kathleen Converti always wanted to be a homemaker but she never knew that was going to mean learning how to lay the stone foundation for a wood stove or raising five girls as a single mother.

Italian chef loves cooking in paradise

The Rim Country's top culinary notables will share their talents for a benefit to raise money for the Payson Public Library expansion project.

Nominations being accepted for Arizona Teacher of the Year

Nominations for the Arizona 2006-2007 Teacher of the Year Award are being accepted through March 1, 2007.

Postsecondary Education Grant program helps students earn degrees sooner

What would you do with $2,000? If you're a qualified Arizona undergraduate, the new Postsecondary Education Grant (PEG) Program could help you earn a baccalaureate degree.

Former Creekers enjoy life on the road


Can you believe that I had to go to the airport to pick up my mother the day after the big football game?

Those nostalgic radio days

Matt Davenport's 4Score, featuring the Great American Songbooks, will be the first show of the new year for the Tonto Community Concert Association. The show is at 2:30 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 21 at the Payson High School auditorium.

What are you teaching your children?


The Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2006, edition of the Roundup had a pair of contrasting items in it that made me think.

Not too late for New Year's financial resolutions


While you may have thought to make resolutions to exercise more, travel or learn a new language, you may have ignored one of the most important pieces.

Church briefs

Mountain Bible Church is starting a new semester of Bible studies for women.

Nothin' but a hound dog


Hound breeds have evolved to aid man in his pursuit of game species. They are noted for their speed, great stamina, lean, powerful bodies, deep chests and, above all, their incredibly sensitive and keen noses.

Many groups made Clothe-A-Child program a success

With your help, the Payson Masonic Lodge Clothe-A-Child Program was again a success.

High winds down trees in Bear Flat, spare Tonto Village


What did you think of those high winds we had this past weekend? The winds were so strong on Saturday night, my wind chimes barely stayed on my front porch and the noise kept me awake most of the night. The winds literally whistled through the ponderosa pine trees.

One more New Year's suggestion to consider


Last week in this column, I passed on some ideas for the New Year found in U.S. News and World Report, from an article titled, "50 Ways to Improve Your Life in 2007."

Friday's game a chance to witness reservation basketball

In small towns on the state's high plateaus, reservation basketball is the stuff of which legends are made.

JV send Sentinels packing

Chandler Seton Catholic underclassmen might not relish any return trips to Wilson Dome.

Banker says economic slowdown a return to norms

Predictions of a coming economic slowdown are not a cause for great concern, according to Brian Coughlan of Compass Bank. He said a slowdown at this point -- after highs in various sectors -- is really just a return to norms.

Community invited to join school superintendent selection committee

The staff and board of Payson Unified School District are in the midst of a busy month.

Band blends traditional tunes with gospel, swing, country

Concert and dinner raises money for Northern Gila County Historical Society

Help preserve Payson history and enjoy celebrating Arizona's birthday on Feb. 10.

Volunteers available to speak about vision loss

Sun Sounds of Arizona, a special radio station for people who have lost the ability to read printed materials, has put together a volunteer Speakers Bureau to educate the public and advocate on behalf of our listeners.

Reaction to cat killing disturbing, hypocritical

I am writing because I feel that our community has been straying from the facts. Although I do feel that the death of a cat is unfortunate, I think the reaction has been much worse.

Negotiation over task forces less painful than litigation

Mayor Bob Edwards' response to a recent lawsuit was published in the Jan. 5 Payson Roundup, regarding the legality of his Task Forces.

Scooping up respect from dog lovers

‘He has a heart as big as the outdoors'

There's nothing noble about poop.

Anniversary a chance for reflection, perspective

This year, 2007, marks the 125th anniversary of Payson.

Tuesday, January 9

Take a hike

As the new year begins, this is a good time to set yourself up with a long list of lofty, if possible, goals.

Food choices: Select what you eat with health in mind


Let's start the year with a healthy approach toward your body, mind and spirit.

Journaling helps you learn about yourself, the world around you


Since I write for a living, I suppose it is no surprise that I have been journaling for many years.

Bonkers for Bluetooth


Just one Bluetooth. Madonna has a gold one. I don't need one that expensive. Plus, I plan to wear mine on my ear. And it might not be blue.

Crossing Tonto Land, Part A


Tonto Apaches had raided the ranches around Prescott, and an expedition of civilians was organized to pursue the raiders in hopes of killing them and recapturing the cattle.

Wisdom for the new year: comedy soothes the soul


The wisest advice, according to mother, emergency room nurse, and karaoke comedy maven Kathleen Kelly is: celebrate life.

Monday, January 8

Thomas W. Fisher

Thomas W. Fisher, of Payson died Jan. 3, 2007 in Payson. He was 78.

Matthew Klee Martinez

Matthew Klee Martinez was born at 1:34 a.m. Dec. 17, 2006 to Ron and Kristin at Payson Regional Medical Center.

Gage Mason Nitso

Gage Mason Nitso was born to Sean Nitso and Chelsea McCreery, both of Mesa, on Dec. 22, 2006 at Banner Baywood Hospital in Mesa.

Evelyn S. Hoffman

Evelyn S. Hoffman of New Philadelphia, Ohio died Saturday, Jan. 6, 2007 at the age of 83, following an illness of seven months.

Thank you to those who helped PHS football

My son, David Hill, played on the Payson High School Varsity Football Team this year.

Payson council to meet 3 times this week

The Town of Payson will hold three meetings this week.

One more letter about animal abuse

OK. One more letter about animal abuse. First, I would like to commend Rena Rogers on her letter to the Payson Roundup, Dec. 26, 2006.

Bush the king of criminal presidents

The historical fact that a criminal, President Richard Nixon, was pardoned for his crimes and went unpunished for breaking the law, has been in the news recently.

Mural magic: Artist transforms your castle


When the white walls of your abode do not fit your style or dreams, Miles Gaehler can bring the mystery of the sea, the lush colors of the tropics or the magic of the "Hundred Acre Wood" indoors.

What's up?

Q: There are a number of big holiday movies that we didn't get, such as "The Holiday," "The Fountain," "Stranger than Fiction" and "Dreamgirls." Might they be coming? What causes the movies to come late to Payson? --AND-- Q: Is the man who grew those wonderful tomatoes off Airport Road out of business? If so, is there any chance someone else may replace him?

Chimney fire

The Payson Fire Department responded to a chimney fire at a home in the 600 block of South Oak Street near Julia Randall Elementary School Monday morning.

Teens given outlet in Pine

Library creates theater troupe, open mic night for teens

Pine and Strawberry teens and "tweens" are invited to make some noise in the Isabelle Hunt Memorial Library thanks to its new youth program coordinator, Sandy Carver.

Hailstorm of accidents

A sudden hailstorm Friday afternoon resulted in a number of collisions that shut down the Beeline Highway for about 90 minutes.

Payson Senior Center menu

The Payson Senior Center serves a hot meal at noon weekdays in the dining room at 514 W. Main St.

Basketball team wins cheered by too few fans

Both the Payson High School boys and girls teams are playing exciting up-tempo brands of basketball that have fans on the edge of their seats.

In-town trail system closer to completion

The Payson Parks and Recreation Department has moved one step closer to completion of its trails program.

Eagle Scout

Chase Reed stands with Susan Williams, former Big Brothers and Big Sisters director.

Ghost hunters draw a crowd

The biggest phenomenon discovered during the latest ghost hunt at Main Street Grille is the number of people who like a good haunting.

Gerald H. Watkins

Gerald H. Watkins, of Glendale, Ariz., passed away in Glendale on Dec. 31, 2006. He was 63.

Donate blood during Elks Lodge drive Saturday

The Payson Elks Lodge and United Blood Services are sponsoring a blood drive from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 13, at the Elks Lodge, 1206 N. Beeline Hwy.

Retired educators moving force in new learning institute

Former and active educators and community activists have joined forces to bring new learning opportunities to the Rim Country.

New nail salon open seven days a week

There is a new salon in Payson specializing in manicures and pedicures, along with waxing.

4Score coming Jan. 21

There's no business like show business and producer Matt Davenport's 4Score, featuring the Great American Songbooks, will be the first show of the new year for the Tonto Community Concert Association.

Bigger, better grocery store opens in Pine

After a year of construction and waiting, a new and much heftier Ponderosa Market is now open in Pine, and its widespread collection -- everything from fresh-baked bread to many brands of wine -- rivals major grocery store chains.

Recreation Roundup

The fifth- and sixth-grade basketball league is a great opportunity for both boys and girls to learn the game in a low-stress, fun instructional atmosphere.

Volleyball players rewarded for years of hard work

Seven years after being cut from the Rim Country Middle School seventh-grade volleyball team, Jade Heglie has been named an Arizona Coaches Association North All-Star team member.

Wrestlers place top 10 against best in Arizona

The Peoria Tournament of Champions has been traditionally one of the strongest wrestling venues every year for the state of Arizona and 2007 was a showcase event. Thirty-five high school teams, all seeking quality post-Christmas competition, were not disappointed this past weekend.

Injuries sideline team's towering front line

Playing "small ball" has taken on an entirely new meaning for Lady Longhorn coach Grant Coley.

Scholarship fair slated

The Payson Rotary Club is hosting its first Scholarship Fair from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Friday, Feb. 2, in the Rim Country Middle School gymnasium.

Mayor calls discussion of water agreement ‘waste of time'

Water agreement between Payson and Star Valley dies after one too many revisions

The intergovernmental water agreement between the towns of Payson and Star Valley appears to be dead.

Teens seem to be left out of Christmas toy drives

Probably five organizations collect toys for children for Christmas.

Does a list of war casualties honor or disrespect the dead?

Consider this less of an opinion piece and more food for thought, or a jumping-off point for discussion.

Time for less intolerance in Rim Country

When I read Steve Morgan's Letter to the Editor on Jan. 2, I couldn't help being dismayed by the public display of intolerance and bigotry.

Tom Garrett makes a good point about water

Tom Garrett makes a good point about the ownership of the water in Payson. Let me broaden it a bit for him.

Please continue to support our president

I have no problem with President Bush's plan to send more troops to Iraq. He will have covered all the bases with his military commanders and with the Iraqi leadership before implementing the plan.

Resolve to take a flying lesson this year

Here's a New Year's resolution that will send your readers' minds and bodies soaring: Take a flying lesson.

Payson's year-long 125th anniversary begins with logo contest

The sponsors of Payson's 125th anniversary celebration are looking for a logo.

John Hanna: From teacher to Realtor, man lives to serve

The philosophies John R. Hanna brings to his current life in real estate are the same he brought to his career as a coach and science teacher. The philosophy is simple -- live to help others. Be honest and dependable. Live with integrity.

Commission approves zoning change for McLane

In a Monday meeting that lasted close to four hours, the Payson Planning and Zoning Commission approved forwarding to the council one zoning request change, while denying another one.

Horns improve East record 2-0; next game Jan. 12 in Wilson Dome

Back-to-back wins over the Holbrook Roadrunners and the Snowflake Lobos have the Longhorns off and running in the East region championship chase.

Thursday, January 4

One councilman's opinion about the future of the construction industry

The recent actions of the Town Council indicate that there should be a change in direction. First, let me point out some facts, which tie into three major concerns -- water, growth, and affordable housing.

Free brush pits

The Regional Payson Area Project for a Fire Wise Rim Country (RPAP) will staff free brush drop-off points at the following locations:

Regarding the question, 'Who owns the water?'

In the Dec. 29 Payson Roundup, Tom Garrett wrote an article about water.

Secret to wrinkle-free skin right in your kitchen


It's a new year and it's really cold, but the good thing is: It finally snowed. I would say about a foot of snow fell over the New Year holiday.

While yards fill with snowmen, roads fill with dangerous ice


Tonto Village and the surrounding area were busy with people who wanted to play in the snow.

Read the ingredients to choose most nutritious dog food


"We are what we eat" and "You get what you pay for" are two sayings that certainly apply to pet food.

Hiking in Dominica

Victoria Falls as much about the journey as the destination

It's 7:30 a.m. and my family and I are awaiting the arrival of our guide for the day, Wendy Marcellin. Wendy is a 33-year-old native of the island of Dominica, located in the Windward chain of islands between Martinique and Guadeloupe. Wendy has been working as a tour guide for the past 15 years and we're told by the manager of our hotel that he knows the island as well as any of the other tour guides, if not better.

Payson council discusses installing speed humps in neighborhoods

The Payson Town Council approved the town's speed hump policy Thursday night with some substantial changes.

Edwards responds to recently filed lawsuit

I can't let this lawsuit go without comment.

Recreation survey complete

Senior citizen activities, indoor pool among items requested

In October 2006, the Payson Parks and Recreation Department launched a survey to collect the Rim Country community's input on Parks and Recreation priorities to better serve our population.

Jazz guitarist brings 30 years of stage time to Payson

The Ted Goddard Jazz Trio will perform at 2 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 14 at the Community Presbyterian Church, 800 W. Main St. in Payson.

As gallery draws a crowd, artists enjoy space's success

Wednesday was a gorgeous day in Payson and Charles Shillingburg and Phyllis Haddon decided to take a walk down Main Street while waiting for their car radio to be installed.

Star Valley approves water agreement

The Star Valley town council unanimously approved a water agreement with Payson Thursday night that has been in the works since August. Councilor Art Lloyd was absent.

Attorneys' office shot in drive-by

Attorney says ‘it's nerve-wracking to have a bullet go by you'

A local attorneys' office was hit by an undisclosed number of bullets in a drive-by shooting Wednesday evening.

Arizona says goodbye to historian, mentor, friend

Noble gave us enthusiasm, encouragement, humor, friendship

Marguerite Noble died Jan. 1, 2007, less than a month before her 97th birthday.

Apology was sincere but not enough

Thank you for your kind and sincere apology for the article incorrectly identifying John Hanna as being arrested for various crimes such as domestic violence and assault and battery. However, many of us who are longtime close friends of John feel that it was too little and too subtle. This letter to the community and John should have been listed on the front page as a very loud and obvious apology.

Recycle your Christmas tree

Payson Parks and Recreation Department is once again sponsoring a Christmas tree recycling program.

Four bald eagles part of annual bird count

The count is in. The Payson Birders conducted their second annual Payson Christmas Bird Count on Dec. 16 as part of a nationwide effort. Since 1900, the National Audubon Society has conducted bird counts throughout North America.

Resolve to have some fun with your pets


This year, resolve to have more fun with your pets. Show them a really good time and, in the process, reconnect with your inner child.

There is no excuse for shoddy reporting

Those of us who know John R. Hanna, a real estate agent in Payson, are outraged by your libelous falsehoods printed about him in your paper. Your reporter, Michael Maresh, should be held accountable for the shoddy reporting, and you and your staff should be held accountable as well.

May God bless the troops in 2007

This past Sunday, New Year's Eve, I was privileged to meet a young man who is home on military leave. Born and raised here, he told me how much he appreciates Payson.

Open letter to Mayor Heron, Mayor Edwards and council members

My term as Presiding Judge ended on Dec. 31, 2006.

Thank you for kindness during death of a loved one

To our family, the Tonto Apache Tribe, community members, friends and neighbors -- at a time like this, it's usually not easy to find words of condolences.

Sending more troops to Iraq is insanity

Insanity: Doing the same thing over again, expecting different results.

There are better ways to deal with the cat issue

This letter is in response to the nasty comment about cats killing birds in Dec. 29 Site Feedback section of the Roundup.

Keep your pets indoors

I am an avid pet lover. I have a small rescue at my own home. After some of my cats disappeared, I decided not one more of my beloved cats would be prey to anything or anyone ever again.

Lady Horns finish second in tournament

For the Lady Longhorns, the Holiday Hoops basketball tournament was highlighted by the proverbial "good news, bad news" scenario.

Charles "Chuck" Hubbard

Charles "Chuck" Hubbard died Dec. 28, 2006. He was 68.

Wrestler comes from long line of high school athletes

This year's Payson Longhorn wrestling team is led by senior Porter Wilbanks who holds down the 145-pound weight class.

Payson revises Corporate Strategic Plan format


This year the Town of Payson is revising the format for its annual Corporate Strategic Planning process. After several meetings involving the mayor and council, staff and a variety of citizen volunteers, the Town settled on its new approach to the CSP, which will begin this month.

Findings from Main Street ghost hunt revealed

Findings from the latest ghost hunt at the old Journigan house --- now Main Street Grille -- will be presented in a program this Saturday.

24 percent of Payson residents struggle with literacy

As an adult, Matthew Floyd had always wanted to read more than comic books, but his reading skills prevented him from doing picking up a regular book.

Police briefs

Gila County Sheriff's deputies found a deceased man lying in the snow, west of Highway 87 and south of Houston Mesa Road Friday evening.

First baby of 2007

Viviana Perea and Hector Marquez of Payson, are the proud parents of Yoselin Marquez who was born at 4:03 a.m. at Payson Regional Medical Center on Jan. 3 -- making her the first baby to be born at the hospital in 2007.

Subdivision improvements pass 6-1

The Payson Town Council approved the final plat of a subdivision Thursday night, despite a few protests from residents.

Payson's first shopping center turns 50

The saying "They don't build them like they used to" is exemplified by the Manthe Building near the junction of Main Street and the Beeline Highway in Payson.

Blue Thong Society members 'fighting frump' and 'having fun'

When Elizabeth Keddington first read about the Blue Thong Society, she decided it was what she needed in her life.

Julia Katherine Ballesteros

Julia Katherine Ballesteros of Payson, died Jan. 1, 2007 in Payson. She was 51.

Wanda Ellis

Wanda Ellis of Payson died Jan. 2, 2007. She was 70.

Allan Anthony LaMagna

Allan Anthony LaMagna of Pined died Dec. 24, 2006, after more than a decade-long battle with a rare form of muscular dystrophy.

Dorothy Joyce Thacker

Dorothy Joyce Thacker, 81, of Queen Creek died Jan. 1, 2007 in Mesa.

Ruth Laverne (Lippold) Townsend

Ruth Laverne (Lippold) Townsend, of Payson, died Jan. 1, 2007. She was 87.

Alondra Domingez

Alondra Domingez was born at 8:14 a.m. Dec. 20, 2006 to Silverio and Maria at the Payson Regional Medical Center.

First bull elk

Savannah Flores, 13, shot her first bull elk Dec. 11, 2006 in one shot at 350 yards with a 7mm Ultra Mag -- BC score 330.

Star Valley forms committee to look into street improvements

Star Valley is looking into ways to improve its roads and streets through citizen input.

Varmint call brings mountain lion into range


Arizona and the Rim Country has a very healthy population of mountain lions, even though they are seldom seen by the general population who frequent the outdoors.

Grow your money with new investors club

Learn about investing and grow your money by pooling it with a group. Those are the goals of a new investment club.

When investing, look past 'outlook' for 2007


It's time for all the financial experts to make their predictions for 2007. Some will say the stock market will keep rising over the next year, while others will claim the market will fall.

Church briefs

The Beyond Limits Disability Ministry, a Christian group for adults with developmental disabilities, ages 18 and older, will meet from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 9 at Crossroads Foursquare Church, 114 E. Cedar Lane in Payson.

2007 a year to be environmentally friendly


Happy New Year. Wow, it is 2007. How those years do fly by.

Representing northern Gila County

Gila County was recently represented at the 2006-07 Arizona National Livestock Show; 4-H Livestock Judging Contest by team members from Northern Gila County.

New national parks pass in effect Jan. 2

America the Beautiful -- the National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands -- Pass, which combines the benefits of existing recreation passes from five different federal agencies, went on sale beginning Jan. 2.

The most important parts of life rarely make the obituary

On the front page of this newspaper is a story about a woman whose life was important. Marguerite Noble's life will be remembered. It will be remembered in part, because she took the time to remember the lives of others. She was, first and foremost, a historian.

Tuesday, January 2

Get warm and cozy with soups and stews


The gray skies and assorted precipitation we had last week made perfect weather for homemade soups and stews.

Take a hike

Because hiking on the Rim these days requires a pair of snowshoes, head south.

Artist claims too many ideas and not enough time


More ideas than time to paint is the only creative lament of retired high school art teacher, Donn Morris.

Positive planning: Wherever you go, there you are


January One, Two Thousand Seven. Well, here we are.

Into Tonto territory


King Woolsey and his militia returned from their Bloody Basin massacre to find the territorial governor, John Goodwin, was calling for an exploratory party to enter the Verde River Valley and determine a good location for a new army post.

Lace-making a rare craft


Lace and fine needlework is displayed on tables, chairs and the walls of Loretta Ost's Elk Ridge home in Payson.

The new year is another chance to save and spend


Coupons for free shipping have been trashed with the catalogs and torn gift-wrap.

Monday, January 1

Dismayed but not surprised by task force petition

I read the article regarding "local celebrities" objecting to the existence of the newly formed Task Forces with dismay, but not surprise. It seems that there will always be those who object when progress is being made.

Are there ulterior motives behind hunting tag deadline change?

Recently, Arizona Game and Fish changed the application time frame for elk and antelope tags from the usual May/June time frame to the Jan./Feb. time frame, with the stated intent of allowing the hunters who are drawn to better plan for their other fall hunt applications.

Police using domestic violence law to generate cash flow

Let me start by saying my family has owned property here in Payson since 1971 and never have the Payson police been called out against any of us, until now.

Taking a second look at the American people

After several letters to the editor criticizing the United States government leadership, policies and the American people, it is time to take a broader look at America.

Time to reflect on how much life has changed


Happy New Year. It's time to put out a new calendar and remind yourself to write 2007 on checks and correspondence. It is also time to reflect on how rapidly the years pass and how much life has changed.

Never put a collar on your cat

Letter writer Cathy Joyce, published in the Dec. 19 edition of the Payson Roundup, needs to be informed.

Whatever happened to decency and respect from police and media?

The pictures and words in your paper of Friday, Dec. 29, 2006 ("Couple charged with second-degree murder of infant"), and likely in other papers to come, were cold, heartless and obviously "boilerplate" per policy.

Arrests down in 2006; police short-staffed

The 2006 year was a typical one for the Payson Police Department with one large exception -- the department took over police service for Star Valley on July 1.

Weekend fireworks postponed for Pine/Strawberry

The first-ever fireworks display planned for Dec. 30 in Pine/Strawberry was postponed until Feb. 10.

Couple buy into Payson through landmark restaurant


John and Brenda Kirschbaum purchased the El Rancho Mexican restaurant six years ago. It was a risk the couple felt ready to take. "I can't imagine doing anything else," 31-year-old John said.

Historian draws inspiration from ground under his feet


On evenings when the chalk talk is heady and the beer runs smoothly, Tim Ehrhardt racks ‘em up with the rest of the local pool sharks at the favorite, and only, watering hole in Tonto Village. The Double D is tucked off Highway 260 on a dirt road. Inside, a collection of baseball caps hang from the ceiling and the air is thick with cigarette smoke.

Coach, teacher shapes future of Payson on court, field and classroom


Before Kenny Hayes decided to pursue a career in education, he spent more than a year preparing for a nursing degree.

The Roundup apologizes to John Hanna

On Friday afternoon, real estate agent John Hanna received a cell phone message from a longtime friend. Hanna was in Temecula, Calif. visiting his son for the holidays.

Mya Christine Burge

Mya Christine Burge was born at 3:30 p.m. on Dec. 7, 2006 to Ashlee Burge at the Payson Regional Medical Center.

Lady Horns focus on capturing state berth

With the Holiday Hoops tournament in the rearview mirror, the Lady Longhorns are steering down the East region highway bound for a berth in the state tournament.

Horns begin race to East region championship

A pair of tournaments and 12 non-region games set the stage for the Longhorns' month-long chase for Payson's first East region boys championship since 2003.

Longhorn named to Republic All-State team

Payson High School football player, Zak Miller, has been named to a second All-State team in the course of the past two weeks.

Former Longhorn wrestler takes head coaching job at Grand Canyon University

There is good news for collegiate wrestling in the state of Arizona. Grand Canyon University in Phoenix has added wrestling to its athletic program for the year 2007. They will join Arizona State University and Embry Riddle in putting a team on the mat for next season.

Cleaning company provides reliable service

Walter and Michelle Obrecht visited the Payson area for five days around Memorial Day 2006.

Knauss, Carey wedding

Marissa Lindsey Knauss and John "Adam" Carey were married at Christ Church Lutheran in Phoenix on Nov. 11, 2006.

Miller, Scott wedding

The families of Dennis "Denny" Miller, a 1996 graduate of Saguaro High School and Northern Arizona University, and Alexandra (Alli) Scott, a 1997 graduate of Payson High School and Northern Arizona University, are proud to announce the couple's marriage on Oct. 15, 2006, at Makena Beach, Maui, Hawaii.

Tierney graduates

Stacy Parkerson, mother, and grandparents, Margie and Eddie Figueroa, of Pine and Strawberry are proud to announce the graduation of son, Brett Tierney, from the AZ National Guard Youth Program, Project Challenge.

Jazz guitarist performs

Jazz guitarist Ted Goddard is coming to Payson. The Ted Goddard Jazz Trio will perform at 2 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 14 at the Community Presbyterian Church, 800 W. Main St.

Woman's risk taking pays off with full life


By the time Tara Keeney was 30 years old, she owned her own thriving lending business, Lenders for Life. Now, at 32, her operation keeps growing. Keeney employees five people in her Payson office.

Four-vehicle accident delays traffic

A four-vehicle accident at about 1 p.m. Friday at the intersection of Highways 87 and 260 backed up traffic in all four directions and sent three people to the Payson Regional Medical Center.

Book focuses on ways sports shape lives

Among the Christmas gifts I received this year was the New York Times best seller, "The Games Do Count" by Brian Kilmeade.

Carter James Bell

Carter James Bell was born at 12:42 p.m. on Dec. 8, 2006 to Jason and Stacy Bell at the Payson Regional Medical Center.

Jadyn Noel Bradford

Jadyn Noel Bradford was born at 10:54 a.m. Dec. 12, 2006 to Isaac and Cassie Bradford at Payson Regional Medical Center.

Dylan Martin Bolin

Dylan Martin Bolin was born at 3:16 a.m. Dec. 10, 2006 to Jeremy and Valerie Bolin at Payson Regional Medical Center.

Stuart Alexander Skinner

Stuart Alexander Skinner was born in Safford on Aug. 24, 1928.

Financial adviser invested in the future of Rim Country


At 37, Kevin Dick has developed a professional career that most people take a lifetime to attain. "It's been an evolution," he said.

A theme is developing among the Democrats

After reading some letters, reading a few books and watching the "Demoncrats" for 50-odd years, I think I see a theme developing.