A Theme Is Developing Among The Democrats



After reading some letters, reading a few books and watching the "Demoncrats" for 50-odd years, I think I see a theme developing.

I was wondering how liberals and loopy lefties can suspend their usual guilt-induced compassion for the differently-skinned.

It's like flipping a switch, and now that I think of it, it's fairly consistent.

Starting with the Civil War, the "Defeaticrats" nominated a bumbling general to run against our first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln. Their platform, stated simply, was "peace at any price" and would have allowed slavery to continue unchallenged.

For the next 100 years, Jim Crow remained the law of the southern Democrats.

At the end of that roughly 100 years, that party of apartheid decided unilaterally to abandon the people -- yellow-skinned people -- of Vietnam.

Thousands were exterminated. There were thousands of boat people and millions were sent to re-education (read "concentration") camps.

And now these pesky brown-skinned Iraqis are raising some difficult questions.

And once again the left, true to its stripes, responds with "run away, run away."

After all the blood, sweat and tears, the dead, the maimed, the blind and the crippled, they can only say, "run away," even though there is the distinct possibility of a huge increase in bloodshed and mayhem. Fairly consistent, as I say.

Another thing, while I rant and rave: The figure of 650,000 dead. Some totalitarian or other -- maybe it was Mao -- said, "The big lie is easier to tell than the little one." It might have been Goebel.

At any rate, I've seen articles to suggest that the real figure is closer to 50,000 dead -- 50,000 is horrific enough, if you please.

Steve Morgan, Pine

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