Never Put A Collar On Your Cat



Letter writer Cathy Joyce, published in the Dec. 19 edition of the Payson Roundup, needs to be informed. Cat owners should never, never put collars on cats. Cats love to wander, under and over fences, up and down trees -- roaming through the brush and jumping on and off your lap, your back, your head and the tail of your pet dog. A collar could get snagged and choke them. It would be far better to pamper your visiting cats than to complain about them. Most complaints are overblown.

I have five huge ponderosa pines near my house. I spend hours a year raking up pine needles. I clean my flower beds on my hands and knees. I cannot remember when I last saw any cat droppings around my house. Indeed, we leave our walk-in garage door open all night and leave cat food and water in the garage for stray cats that may be hungry.

Once in awhile, if I walk in the garage, the cat, if there, will run, sometimes atop my like-new red car. There is no problem.

Once, early in the morning, walking out to pick up the newspaper, I saw a skunk staring me down and then following me off the porch. And once there was a medium-size javelina that came out of the garage and followed me off the porch and went on its way.

People get so bent out of shape about meaningless encounters with animals.

I have a close neighbor, who, after finding a stray cat, checks to see if the animal has been neutered or spayed. If it is not, he takes it to a veterinarian and has it done and then releases the cat. He just recently spent over $300 to treat his own cat that had been shot by those nutty teenagers.

Dave Engleman, Payson

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