Whatever Happened To Decency And Respect From Police And Media?


The pictures and words in your paper of Friday, Dec. 29, 2006 ("Couple charged with second-degree murder of infant"), and likely in other papers to come, were cold, heartless and obviously "boilerplate" per policy.

The image of my daughter, 18-year-old Nichole Ploughe, sent pain deep into my heart and soul. The words only drove the pain to unbearable depths.


Nichole Ploughe with her son, Leon.

I know the police and the media "have a job to do" but, whatever happened to decency and respect?

My daughter and her boyfriend have not been convicted of anything. They and our family were not even given but a moment to grieve before the nightmare of our children being handcuffed and taken away, with our deceased grandson lying before us, played out before our tearful eyes.

Neither I, nor the rest of the family have ever been so full of sadness and helplessness.

What played out at that Hospice was premature and disgustingly unethical, in my opinion.

I was and remain stunned.

I feel that it is especially important that your readers know the "system" is most definitely broken.

In my own words, Nichole's is a story of struggles, blessings and now tragedy, but at the center of it all is a story of love. I ask you and your readers to consider this reality.

Here I have provided a true picture of my daughter and her son, my grandson, my angels. This is reality.

What you have read so far, I believe, are false accusations as will surely be proven. With all hopes for quick resolution, I beg you and your readers to not judge my daughter or her boyfriend simply because of the "boilerplate" nature of the recently published statements.

Most importantly, I want to thank our friends in the community for their support of our family in this extremely difficult time.

I used to jokingly say, "has the little guy sprouted his horns yet?" but now I know he has wings.

To my little Leon: Though they won't let us say goodbye, please fly away from this horrible place and be in peace with God in heaven.

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