Apology Was Sincere But Not Enough



Thank you for your kind and sincere apology for the article incorrectly identifying John Hanna as being arrested for various crimes such as domestic violence and assault and battery. However, many of us who are longtime close friends of John feel that it was too little and too subtle. This letter to the community and John should have been listed on the front page as a very loud and obvious apology.

John Hanna has been a close personal friend of ours for more than 50 years. We have witnessed John's outstanding character and honor repeatedly over the past five decades.

He is a great example to many of us of qualities we would wish to emulate. Consistently, he gives more than he receives to his family, his friends, his church and his community.

John has honorably served 35 years in the real estate business in Payson, but this article has the potential of being devastating to his reputation and his business. John deserves more than just an article (even though it seemed sincere) tucked away in the upper corner of the Editorial page of the Jan. 2 issue of the Roundup.

We respectfully request that you publish some of the many letters that you have received from John's many friends and business associates attesting to his character and integrity.

The public, John, his family, and his friends deserve to hear all the wonderful things being said about him. Use this opportunity to "correct" a mistake, makeup for a gross inaccuracy, and report some good information regarding one of your community's finest members.

Craig and Nancy Cummins, Mesa and Strawberry

Editor's note: We appreciate the Cummins' letter and we will gladly publish any letters we receive regarding this matter. We chose to run our apology to John Hanna in place of our regular editorial, as it is one of the highest-read sections of the newspaper. We also plan to publish a profile of John Hanna on the front page of the Tuesday, Jan. 9, Roundup so the people of Payson who do not know him will learn what we have -- that he is a kind man of great character.

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