Keep Your Pets Indoors



I am an avid pet lover. I have a small rescue at my own home. After some of my cats disappeared, I decided not one more of my beloved cats would be prey to anything or anyone ever again.

Today, on her way back to work, one of my friends saw what she perceived to be a squirrel on the street that had been run over by a vehicle. She always stops, picks them up (she carries a towel in her vehicle for this purpose) and takes them home to give them a decent, humane burial. When she approached the animal in the street, it looked odd. It was actually someone's pet, loved and adored by its owner, I'm sure. This once-beautiful creature was half a feline and it was the back half only that was discovered lying on the highway. Someone had cut this creature of God in half and cut its abdomen open.

How sick an individual would do such a horrendous thing. They should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Please keep your beloved companion always inside if you don't want it to suffer at the hands of some lowlife creep.

Lara Megan O'Neil, Payson

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