May God Bless The Troops In 2007



This past Sunday, New Year's Eve, I was privileged to meet a young man who is home on military leave. Born and raised here, he told me how much he appreciates Payson.

Also, and the point of this letter, he told me how much he was enjoying being in the Army, looking forward to returning to duty. Upon completing his current commitment, he said he would be going to Fort Benning, Ga. for Airborne training, rather expecting to go to Iraq.

"I've jumped before," he said. "It's great, and in the Army, I can even get paid to do it."

A fool? No, an educated, positive, dedicated American, who, like the successes and achievements of all in military service, are not commonly praised by the media. Similarly not publicized are attitude of respect for duty and service, love of our country, appreciation of opportunity to grow and actually enjoy the experience.

In advance I thank our local papers for being exceptions. May God bless this young soldier and all his comrades in 2007.

Dick Reese, Payson

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