Payson Revises Corporate Strategic Plan Format



This year the Town of Payson is revising the format for its annual Corporate Strategic Planning process. After several meetings involving the mayor and council, staff and a variety of citizen volunteers, the Town settled on its new approach to the CSP, which will begin this month.

The new process will consist of three meetings.

The purpose of the first meeting, to be held Jan. 11, is to update the council on the current status of the 2006/2007 plan and provide a final report on results achieved in the 2005/2006 plan. Completed objectives and those no longer deemed relevant will be eliminated from consideration in the 2007/2008 plan. At the same meeting, staff will distribute copies of public, council and staff input received to date for the new plan.

Following the first meeting, staff will analyze each proposed idea submitted by council, staff or the public, developing pros and cons and rough cost estimates, and organize each idea by department.

At the second meeting, tentatively scheduled for Feb. 8, staff will present ideas in a common format to facilitate council's detailed discussion and consideration. The Council will then make the first cut as to which ideas should be pursued further.

Following the second meeting, staff will publicize the list of proposed goals and seek public input regarding priority and importance through local news media and the Town's Web site.

Meanwhile, more detailed cost and benefit analysis, including proposed milestones for completion, will be conducted on each "first cut" goal in preparation for the third CSP meeting.

At the third meeting, scheduled for an as yet undetermined date in March, Council will review the detailed analysis of each goal, consider public input received, and decide on final goals and priorities for the 2007/2008 plan.

By April, staff will incorporate the proposed goals into the FY 2007/2008 budget process and post the final list for public access.

The January, February and March CSP meetings will be held in the Town Council chambers, beginning at 9 a.m., and will be broadcast live on TV 4 and the Internet through the Town's Web site at

Public input is important. Please submit your ideas no later than Jan. 19. Forms are now available at Town Hall and the Payson Public Library, and can be completed online at For more information, call me at (928) 474-5242 ext. 262.

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