Resolve To Have Some Fun With Your Pets



This year, resolve to have more fun with your pets. Show them a really good time and, in the process, reconnect with your inner child.

Play squeaky ball with your dog. Find a big stick for him to fetch. Take him to Green Valley Park for a long walk. Drive out to the East Verde River and let him swim in a deep pool while you fish. Head up to the Mogollon Rim for a romp in the snow, or down to Deer Creek for a hike. Teach him to run alongside you on leash as you ride your bike on side streets or forest trails. Have the kids take him on leash and pull them on their roller blades or skateboards. Let them toss a Frisbee or a doggie toy for him to retrieve. Watch for happy faces!

Cats deserve a little fun, too. Play hide-and-seek with catnip or special treats. Pull a play mouse or feather bird on a string, weaving in and out of furniture. Play jump on the wiggly fingers under the covers. Roll some plush balls across the floor for them to chase. Build some climbing structures for them to exercise on. Make a comfy window seat for them to use to observe the outdoors. Put a bird feeder near the window for kitty viewing. Plant a pot of oat grass for them. They will thank you with Cheshire grins.

Here are some of our great adoptable animals available at the Payson Humane Society animal shelter, 812 S. McLane Rd. (just south of Main Street):


Lady is a spirited 2-year-old, spayed female German shepherd. She has an upbeat, can-do personality and is always happy to see you.

She loves going for walks because she is energetic and needs both physical and mental challenges to keep her mind and body in balance. She needs a job to do!

Lady is smart, well-behaved and cooperative. She enjoys playing with all the other dogs in our shelter's exercise yard.

We feel she will do best in a family with older children.


Jordie is a friendly, happy-go-lucky 11-month-old neutered male husky/shepherd mix. His eyes are blue as the northern sky and his long, lanky legs are made for deep snow.

He is a sweet, agreeable dog and handles beautifully on leash. He walks tall and proud, making his human companions feel honored to walk with him.

Jordie would love to join your waggin' train and ride off into the sunset with you!


Chamois is a beautiful, 2-year-old spayed female shepherd mix. She is truly a golden girl with her short, yellow coat and matching light-amber eyes.

She is not a large dog, and is a sweetheart to handle. She walks politely on leash and is responsive to the wishes of her handlers. She can be frisky and playful, especially when she has other dogs to romp with.

Chamois is a gentle and loving dog with a heart of gold.


Adel is a lovely, 3-year-old spayed female brown mackerel tabby cat. She's no ordinary tabby, for she has spectacular twinkling eyes the color of burnished copper.

She loves attention and comes running when you offer her salmon treats. She loves her chin rubs and neck scratches and stretches her back with pleasure.

She would love to be your one and only kitty love.


Spyder is an inky black 2-year-old neutered male cat. He is just gorgeous with his neon green eyes and satiny coat.

Spyder is a sweet, quiet boy who gets along well with other cats by avoiding confrontation.

He loves to get a little special attention in the form of gentle caresses and kitty treats like catnip or tuna. He'd love to be your special Valentine loverboy.

Join our pack

The Friends of the Payson Humane Society will meet at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 10 at Tiny's restaurant. Come join this group of animal lovers as we work on plans for the upcoming year. We are looking for new people to work with us to build our new shelter and to make this the best year yet for Rim Country's homeless animals. For more information about the meeting, call 468-8458. For more information about the Payson Humane Society, please visit our website at

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