Star Valley Forms Committee To Look Into Street Improvements


Star Valley is looking into ways to improve its roads and streets through citizen input.

The council also has appointed a five-member committee to look at the roads and streets in Star Valley.

The committee consists of Chairman Richard Pinkerton, Phillip Anney, Fred Horton Sr., Pat Hold and Matt Benjamin.

Town Manager Vito Tedeschi said it is vital that the town have some sort of plan in place involving streets.

The committee is going to be responsible for coming up with a street inventory.

He said the committee also needs to find a way to use the $150,000 the town will be receiving from the highway-user fund allocation.

The Star Valley town manager said most towns do not have road or street committees.

Most towns, he said, rely on staff to handle these types of issues and concerns.

He said the committee will have two ways to find out what town residents desire for streets and roads.

Tedeschi said the town is in the process of hiring a public works technician who will be able to give suggestions and ideas to this committee. Residents may make requests to have their streets done.

"We are trying to come up with a five-year plan," Tedeschi said. "The inventory will tell them what is public and private."

He said the highway-user funds can only be used for public roads and streets.

Issues the Roads and Streets Committee are currently discussing include possible action on the repair of the damage to the streets caused by the Aug. 13 flood.

The committee is also determining the colors, designs and sizes of street name signs as well as requesting from the Arizona Department of Transportation that road intersection signs be installed in the Diamond Point area.

One big issue facing the committee and town is coming up with a Transportation Improvement Project plan.

The TIP application could result in the town receiving $500,000 in highway-user revenue funds for a particular highway project. Applications are due by the end of February.

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