Subdivision Improvements Pass 6-1


The Payson Town Council approved the final plat of a subdivision Thursday night, despite a few protests from residents.

The approval of subdivision improvements for the Falcon Lookout Phase I subdivision passed 6-1, with Ed Blair in dissent.

The Payson Town Council tabled this item in its last meeting over drainage issues.

Ralph Bossert, senior project manager for Tetra Tech Inc. said the company spent more than a year meeting the nine conditions the town mandated for the subdivision.

Mark Miller, former president of the Wood Hills Homeowner Association, said he is concerned that if there are future drainage problems there will be nothing in place to provide recovery for Wood Hills residents.

Miller would like the town to require a $1 million to $2 million bond for the first three or four years to protect residents.

Charles Lee, a Phoenix resident, said the information Tetra Tech provided was not sufficient enough for him to make a decision.

"I hereby request that council postpone this until all issues are addressed from Wood Hills (residents) and the engineering department of Payson," Lee said.

Lee said his son, who works as an engineer for Maricopa County, found many concerns in the proposal.

He, too, wanted the council to require a bond to protect residents in case something were to happen.

Joe Miller, a resident of Wood Hills, said he and his wife are concerned about the possible destruction of trees in the area. He said a loss of trees would lead to erosion because rainwater would have no place to go but downhill.

Public Works Director LaRon Garrett told the council that Tetra Tech had accomplished everything the town required from them.

"It fits our code. It meets our town code," Garrett said.

Blair wanted to know how long it would take Tetra Tech to answer Lee's questions and concerns.

Bossert said he thinks the answers have already been provided in the paperwork, but added he would be willing to meet with Lee to answer any questions he may have.

"Your staff has looked at this," he said. "You pay them for their expertise, and they have approved it."

Councilwoman Su Connell said the concerns should not have come to the council at the last minute. They should have been pointed out before Thursday, she said.

Councilor Andy Romance agreed.

"We have our codes in place. Our town engineer says the town has met those," he said.

Mayor Bob Edwards said he is concerned about the huge rocks rolling down the hill.

With the approval of the final plat, Tetra Tech can begin planning for necessities surrounding the project such as streets, though they must still be approved by the council.

The Payson Town Council, with little discussion, also approved a preliminary plat for Boulder Ridge -- a subdivision that would have 28 townhomes and 21 single-family homes on 16.7 acres at 400 N. Tyler Parkway.

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