Thank You For Kindness During Death Of A Loved One



To our family, the Tonto Apache Tribe, community members, friends and neighbors -- at a time like this, it's usually not easy to find words of condolences.

But from our part, it's not easy to find words to thank each and every one for your support, thoughts, prayers, generosity and most of all, being there for our families.

As the Tribe, you have always been very supportive and give with the kindness of your hearts. Your staff always comes together, taking actions to help with the needs to be done and care for those who are in mourning. All your support has been overwhelming and it has taken us through the toughest time.

The death of our loved one Windsong Burdette Duran was such a shock for our families that with your support we are making it one day at a time. Most of all, we are glad that we have the Tribe as our family. Windsong will always be in our hearts and cherish the memories we shared having her in our lives. She was a wonderful daughter, sister, aunt, niece, friend and we will miss her very much.

Thank you and God bless you for caring.

The families of Windsong Burdette Duran. Submitted by Vivian L. Burdette, Tonto Apache Reservation #12, Payson

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