There Are Better Ways To Deal With The Cat Issue



This letter is in response to the nasty comment about cats killing birds in Dec. 29 Site Feedback section of the Roundup.

This kind of a rant is typical of someone who is looking for someone to blame everything on.

Cats do hunt. So do humans. It really isn't likely that either one of us will eradicate a species.

I've read and been told by wildlife experts that one of the worst things a person can do for wild birds is to set up feeders in your yard.

Unless you clean them thoroughly, often these feeders turn into breeding grounds of disease. These illnesses can wipe out whole flocks of birds.

How much bird food is sold in the community every year? Not to mention deforestation and bird killing pesticides, which are in common use by most people. Most of the weed-free yards you see are that way from pesticides.

But the bottom line here is, telling our children that it's a good thing to go around killing cats randomly is not a good idea. That's a no-brainer.

But, also, whether you love cats or hate them, they are a fact of life. There is a statistically proven way to reduce their numbers in the wild.

It's called Trap, Neuter, Return. And you don't have to teach anyone to be a senseless killer.

I don't mean to always sound like such a cat hugger, but I am. And there are humane solutions to all of these issues.

They begin with responsible pet ownership and end with community responsibility. We can fix this if we can work together.

Lisa Boyle, Payson

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